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Corporate impact

Our partners are making a real difference to our University community.

Skills for life

Equipping UK adults for a post-pandemic workplace.

A young woman sat smiling in front of a MacBook, wearing headphones and holding a pen.

In early 2022, Santander Universities UK is launching a free programme focused on adult digital skills development, aligned with the UK government’s post-pandemic priorities. In partnership with the Institute of Coding – led by the University of Bath – and Durham University, the programme will provide eight hours of online training for UK residents.

This content is designed to help people return to work or change career; start a business; or return to education.

Opportunities for excellence

Scholarships that let students shine.

Jamie Micklewright giving a speech

Embarking upon an economics degree as a shy first-year AB InBev scholar in 2016, Jamie Micklewright didn’t imagine he’d end up giving a speech to over 100 people at the University’s 2020 Scholarship Reception.

Jamie says:

The scholarship has allowed me to develop to become a much improved, well-rounded and confident individual.

Jamie has now joined AB InBev’s Global Management Trainee Programme, having beaten 500 applicants for one of five roles on offer.

Pharmacy in practice

Offering the students the chance to gain hands-on experience.

Photo of people in the Day Lewis Pharmacy Management Simulation Suite

Since its opening in October 2019, the Day Lewis Pharmacy Management Simulation Suite has given pharmacy and pharmacology students the opportunity to run a virtual community pharmacy in small groups.

Dr Philip Rogers, Director of Teaching, says:

Gamification allows us to provide a realistic simulation using role-play, plus ways of assessing students’ ability to respond to real-life situations.

The Suite was funded by a £100,000 gift from Day Lewis Pharmacy in memory of honorary graduate, Dr Kirit Patel MBE.

Keeping campus fed during Covid-19

During lockdown, our long-standing partner Santander Universities diverted over £90,000 of funding to help members of our community in need. As a result, 33,431 free meals were provided for staff and students remaining on campus between April and June 2020.

Santander Universities also supported our Student Hardship Fund and donated £25,000 to help students who missed out on placements as a result of Covid-19.

Photo of the Lime Tree refectory exterior

Supporting women in STEM

In partnership with Schlumberger and J.P. Morgan, we inspire the next generation of female scientists and engineers.

A group of female students working on a tech project

Our partnerships include scholarships and industrial placements, giving students an opportunity to gain real-world experience in their chosen field.

2020 Mechanical Engineering graduate Caitlin Young says:

Thanks to the Winning Women in Technology scheme I have been able to complete two internships within the company. I will now be joining Schlumberger full-time in a graduate role.

Research for a better world

Developing greener batteries.

A CFH Docmail PhD Studentship doesn’t just mean funding for Matt Clarke’s doctorate in the Centre for Sustainable and Circular Technologies: it also means the opportunity to find new materials to make batteries more environmentally friendly. As the project relies upon computer modelling to examine atomic-scale models of materials, Matt was also able to continue his important research remotely during lockdown.

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For more information about corporate partnerships, please speak to the Advancement Office.