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Easter at Bath Photo Competition

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About the competition

Take part in our exciting new photo competition. There are three categories in which you can enter, each with a prize of £100 in vouchers of your choice. Prizes will be awarded by the Mayor of Bath at a social event and exhibition in April.


The categories are the following.

  1. The City of Bath. The prize for this category is sponsored by ResLife. Ideas that you can think about to meet the theme - what makes Bath unique? What makes it a special place for you? Is it one of the tourist hotspots seen in a different light, or a location hidden away from the crowds? Or a classic view from a different angle?

  2. International reach. The prize for this category is sponsored by the International Relations Office. Ideas that you can think about to meet the theme - what inspired you to come to Bath? What makes Bath an international city? Is there anything here that reminds you of home? If you were to take a photo to encourage other international students to come to Bath, what would it show?

  3. Belonging at Bath. The prize for this category is sponsored by the International Support Service. Ideas that you can think about - what makes you feel at home here? What does belonging mean to you? This can be anything from an activity, an event, a building or a person.

Each photo should come with a title, and a caption of 100 words or less describing the photo and how it relates to the theme to help us better understand your experience. Photos taken on a mobile phone will be given equal consideration as those taken by camera.

Eight finalists will be chosen for each category. Their photographs will be printed, mounted and displayed at an exhibition in the BRSLI (Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Society) in Queens Square on Thursday 25th April, 4.30 - 6pm. This will be a joint exhibition with Bath Spa University, who are running a similar but separate competition at the same time. Students from both universities will have an opportunity to meet at the event.

Winners of each category will be announced by the Mayor of Bath at the exhibition.


The competition is open to all students with an international status. All photos must be taken between Friday 29th March and Sunday 14th April. Only one submission is allowed per category per student.

Judging criteria

The eight finalist photographs and the overall winners for each category will be selected by a panel of judges. They will make their selection based on the following criteria:

  1. How well the photo captures the theme
  2. Originality and creativity
  3. Impact - does the photo leave a lasting impression

Terms and conditions

  • Photos must be taken by the person entering. By submitting your photo, you are confirming it is your photo and that you have the right to submit it.
  • Closing date for submissions is midnight Sunday 14th April. Photos submitted after this time will not be considered.
  • Winners of each category will be announced by the Mayor of Bath at the exhibition.
  • The decision of the judging panel is final.
  • You must have permission from any people identifiable in the photo. Written permission will be required from any identifiable person featuring in a photo chosen to be in the exhibition.
  • By submitting your photograph, you grant permission for its use in university marketing materials and social media accounts. Where possible, photos will be credited but you will receive no payment.

Technical Requirements

Photographs must be digital. To ensure the competition is accessible to all students (including those whose only camera may be a smartphone) photos should not have undergone significant digital or professional editing (such as retouching or the removal of objects in Photoshop or similar). More ‘standard’ procedures such as cropping, image orientation, limited contrast and brightness adjustments and converting colour photos to black and white are permitted. Photos must not contain watermarks or digital signatures.

Photos should be of a size that properly resolves on a computer screen (i.e. without distortion or pixellation), and as a .jpeg image.

How to submit

Photos and descriptions should be sent to

Easter at Bath photo competition

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