University of Bath

Get ahead with skills at Bath

You can benefit from our comprehensive skills development sessions to complement what you learn in your course. These sessions are free to all students.

Signpost showing signs to help, guidance, support, advice, assistance and insight
Signposting your support


Signpost is the University's bulletin on skills opportunities for students.

It will provide you with information on upcoming opportunities covering:

  • academic skills
  • careers and employability
  • language skills
  • personal development

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Develop your academic writing

Attend courses, workshops, drop-in sessions or 1:1 tutorials

Tackle maths and statistics with confidence

Attend drop-in sessions & workshops, & access online resources

Develop your academic study skills

Sign up for courses

Develop your information and literacy skills

Learn to locate and evaluate reading & reference in your writing

Maximise your opportunities

A group of students in a workshop
Develop your academic, research, study and life skills

Learn a new language or brush-up your language skills

Sign up for Tutor-led courses and explore a different culture

Develop your language skills at your own pace

Explore paper-based & electronic media and meet native speakers

Prepare yourself for the workplace

Enhance your employability: workshops, interview prep & advice

Develop your leadership, study, IT and wider personal skills

Sign up for Students' Union Skills Training

Gain formal recognition for the skills you develop

Complete the Bath Award to maximise your university experience