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Get ahead with skills at Bath

Get the best out of your studies, get set for your future

Access a wide range of year-round skills, personal and health and wellbeing development opportunities, online and face to face, designed to complement and fit flexibly around your course.

You can sign up for these, and find additional resources to support your studies, your health and wellbeing, in MySkills.

Academic and writing skills

Get the most out of your studies

Photo of two students writing in notebooks.
  • learn how to write effective essays, reports and dissertations
  • understand how to avoid assessment offences like plagiarism
  • know how to reference other people's work safely
  • access online resources to develop other academic skills like critical thinking and note-taking

Maths and statistics skills

Get to grips with maths and statistics

Photo of a student writing mathematical equations on a whiteboard.
  • develop your understanding of maths, statistics, and numeracy concepts
  • revise, practise and acquire practical mathematical skills and processes
  • improve your management and analysis of numbers, data and statistics
  • learn how to use software, programs and mathematical typesetting

Language skills

Get fluent in English or a foreign language

Photo of six foreign language students holding flags of different countries.
  • improve your English and work towards a Cambridge English qualification
  • learn a new foreign language or improve an existing one
  • develop intercultural awareness
  • deepen your understanding of British culture and society if you’re an Erasmus+, exchange or visiting student

Digital skills

Get up to speed with digital skills

Five students working on their laptops together on a group online presentation.
  • use digital skills resources to evaluate and develop your digital capabilities, including:
    • learn how to use and adapt the right digital devices, applications, software and systems
    • find, review, organise and share information effectively
    • handle data appropriately and establish good data security practices

Personal development skills

Get ready for the workplace

Photo of a student writing on a whiteboard, giving a presentation to three other students.
  • learn how to speak confidently in public
  • develop your ability to work well in groups and teams
  • find out what makes a great leader and enhance your personal leadership skills
  • develop skills that employers look for and make your CV stand out

Health and wellbeing skills

Get your life in balance

Photo of a female student stretching on a yoga mat.
  • understand more about mental health
  • learn practical skills to protect and improve your mental health
  • take part in workshops and activities to enrich your life including cooking, gardening and dog walking
  • learn how to manage your finances effectively


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