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How to Have a Good Day

Mired in low mood? Life flat and colourless? This free online course could help you recover your vitality

How to Have a Good Day is a free online course for Bath students feeling down or despondent.

In four weekly sessions plus a follow-up a few weeks on, you'll learn new ways to rediscover enjoyment, vitality and purpose.

You’ll be introduced to practical, evidence-based techniques from Positive Psychology and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy that'll help you lift your mood now – and build your wellbeing over the long term.

Key topics:

  • Cultivating positive emotions like pleasure, confidence, optimism and gratitude.
  • Pursuing meaningful activity.
  • Building stronger connections with others.
  • Improving physical health to boost your mood.

Sessions are run on MS Teams. To take part, you'll need to be in a private place.

This is not group therapy; we don’t expect you to disclose your difficulties. But you do need to be willing to have a go at the exercises and techniques we introduce.

Who is it for?

The course is for you if you're experiencing mild-to-moderate low mood and/or low self-esteem, low motivation and difficulty taking pleasure or interest in activities.

The course is not for those with serious depression or complex mental health problems, in crisis or at serious risk. If that might apply to you, please request an initial consultation.

What participants say

  • "Taught me transformational techniques to boost my daily motivation & mood"
  • "It was fun and made me feel connected to everyone"
  • "Made me realise that the power to change my situation lies within me"


The How to Have a Good Day course we are running in semester two is full. We plan to run the course again later in 2022. Once we have decided dates and times, we will add this information here.

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