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Living with your housemates

Some tips for living in a group and getting along with others in University accommodation.

University accommodation is often a place where you will meet and spend time with some of your friends for life. It's also your home and we want it to be comfortable and a place of safety as you would expect.

It may also be the first time you have lived with others so see some simple tips below to help you get the most out of your experience and be able to create a home for yourself and your new housemates.

First of all do leave your bedroom and go and meet the other students:

  • spend some time in the communal areas
  • cook and share a meal together and have chat

Respect and tolerance are the key

  • Remember other students will have different lifestyles and cultural traditions

Think about practical steps to avoid disagreements in future, such as:

  • agree as a group the best times for playing music and inviting guests to visit, remember noise must be kept to a minimum after 11.30pm (10pm in quiet buildings)
  • create a cleaning rota to share responsibility for jobs
  • consider pooling funds to create a kitty for essential household items

Look out for each other (and yourself)

  • if you notice someone in your accommodation seems isolated, ask how they are and suggest a chat
  • for practical support with any domestic issues affecting your kitchen group email
  • if problems in kitchen group relationships persist email the Student Support Advice Team on

Contact Student Support Advice

Contact us if you have any worries or concerns or just want to talk to someone.