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Look Further campaign 2008-2018

We celebrated turning 50 with a campaign to raise £66 million.

Campaign at a glance

From 2008 to 2018, your support has enabled our University to look further. Here's a snapshot of what you've helped us to achieve.

A decade of impact

Thank you for your support.

When most universities turn 50, they set themselves a target of raising £50 million, but we’re not most universities. So, given that the name of our campaign was ‘Look Further’, we set ourselves the challenge of raising £66 million, because we were founded in 1966.

Thanks to you, and thousands of others like you, we have now surpassed our target. It can be difficult to visualise the difference this kind of support makes, beyond the three amazing new buildings on campus, but we hope this special collection of case studies will give you an idea of how many lives have been touched by your generosity.

During this campaign, your gifts have created almost 1,400 scholarships at undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD level. Our new Gold Scholarship Programme, for 50 students to join the University every year and receive not just financial assistance but also mentoring, networking and enhanced pastoral support, is a jewel in our crown.

There have also been extraordinary research breakthroughs in prostate cancer, diabetes, wound dressings, hip replacements, vaccines – the list goes on. Through supporting our research, you have helped us to tackle some of today’s biggest challenges.

And, because being at Bath is about learning new skills as well as gaining knowledge, we capture some of the many ways that you have helped our students grow into successful graduates.

The University is not just one charity. It’s an array of amazing causes under the umbrella of the University of Bath. We have achieved so much in 50 years, and we owe much of our success to our supporters. Looking further to the next 50 years, we’re excited by what we will achieve together.

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