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Mindfulness for Life

This in-depth course draws on CBT and mindfulness to help you deal with stress and anxiety, depression, physical pain and other challenges.

This in-depth online course uses principles from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and mindfulness to help us understand how the way we think about the world affects our emotions and actions.

Over eight 90-minute sessions, you'll establish a daily mindfulness practice as the basis for learning to respond more consciously to life and the challenges it brings. You'll also learn how to notice thinking patterns that may be unhelpful and to find ways to shift into ways of thinking that better support your mental health and wellbeing.

Most people finishing the course report lasting benefits including:

  • increased capacity to relax and stay calm
  • greater energy and enthusiasm
  • improved ability to cope with stress
  • better relationships.

This evidence-based course is taught by two experienced clinical psychologists and mindfulness teachers, Paul Chadwick and Elizabeth Marks.

Full attendance is expected.

What people say

  • "Has certainly gone some way to alleviate my anxiety and stress. I feel I now have the tools to manage these emotions."
  • "The course became such an integral part of my week that I have partnered with other participants to carry a regular practice onwards."
  • "I am experiencing a range of difficulties and, whilst they have not changed, I have been able to 'be with' them and it feels more manageable."
  • "Finishing the class each week felt like a new beginning and allowed a fresh sense of purpose."
  • "I found the group extremely supportive and it was good to share experiences."


This course is currently in progress (started 13 January). Please take a look at the other courses we are currently offering, including those that teach mindfulness.

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