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#NeverOK Student Workshops

Book a training session to boost your confidence when tackling harassment.

Workshops Available

Training can be classroom-based or more creative, and bespoke to the needs of your group. Scroll down to see the different options, book onto an open session, or use the contact form to book a session for your cohort or student group.

Practical Actions for Anti-Racism

A workshop exploring practical tips, facts and actions to help move you from 'not racist' to 'anti-racist'

A black and a white hand each making the peace sign

Do you want to feel confident, informed and actively 'anti-racist'? This workshop covers:

  • Tackling your biases
  • Micro aggressions and micro affirmations
  • British Black history
  • Being an active bystander

Controversy with Civility

Develop your debating and discussion skills.

two students sitting at a desk having a discussion

Are you worried about discussing controversial topics? Afraid to disagree? Develop your debating and discussion skills in this workshop - for anyone who has ever disagreed with someone.

Consent and Bystander Intervention

Learn about healthy relationships and how to stay safe on a night out.

People in a night club

Co-designed with the Bath SU Lacrosse Team, take a ‘no holds barred’ look at sexual consent, staying safe on a night out and safely intervening if you witness harassment or bullying.

Unconscious Bias

Why does everyone have unconscious bias and how can we recognise our own?


This workshop provides an overview of recognising and tackling harassment, discrimination, and hate crimes. This training can be tailored to the amount of time available, with a minimum time of 30 minutes.

Creative Sessions

Bespoke sessions designed for and with specific student groups or cohorts.


Create art or take part in interactive activities and challenges whilst learning about how you can tackle harassment. Look out for these activities during the year, or students and staff can get in touch to discuss requests for sessions below.