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Revision Stress Busters

Learn simple techniques for calming your anxiety by joining a short online session during revision week

It’s that time of year again: exams are looming. Some nerves are understandable – and probably helpful. But if anxiety is stopping you from focusing and working effectively, you might benefit from one of our bite-sized Revision Stress Buster sessions.

In a 30-minute online session, you’ll get simple, proven, practical techniques for calming down and dealing with unhelpful negative thoughts. This should help you think more clearly so you can do yourself justice in these final weeks of the semester, including when you’re actually sitting your exams.

The sessions take place every day throughout revision week at 10.15am on MS Teams. They are facilitated by a therapist from Student Support.

You don’t have to say anything during these sessions, although we welcome comments and questions. We ask all participants to keep their cameras switched on throughout.

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