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Staff Christmas Switch Off

Let's save energy this winter break to help the climate and save money. Together, our actions can add up to make a big difference. Plus, chance to win a prize!

Take part for a chance to win

Join the Christmas Switch Off Campaign by turning off non-essential equipment and lights over the winter break. Share your pledge and win a £20 hospitality voucher and other climate action goodies.

Why is this important?

  • The University spends approximately £135,000 on energy over a typical Christmas break. Some of this is essential (such as for student accommodation and some lab equipment) but there are actions we can take to reduce this.
  • The University has committed to achieve net zero gas and electricity emissions by 2030 and we’ll only achieve this with everyone’s help.
  • As with everyone else, our energy bills have increased and are projected to reach £14m this year (they used to be about £6m/year).
  • What may seem like small actions, like switching off equipment, add up and collectively we can make an impact.

With all this in mind, we're encouraging colleagues to come together to conserve energy where they can over the holidays, through turning off lights and equipment and turning heating down in offices, labs, and communal spaces.

What can I do?

  • Take part! Download our checklists to help you; they are handy for those working in labs or office spaces
  • Let us know what energy saving steps you're taking this Christmas for a chance to win a £20 hospitality voucher and climate action goodies. Submit via our pledge form below.
  • Motivate fellow colleagues to take part in the Christmas Switch Off too and create a friendly competition within or among departments by submitting your pledge to enter our prize draw. You can download our email signature graphic or use our email template to let people know you are participating!

Make energy savings for life, not just for Christmas

Our university community is committed to cutting our energy use in response to the climate emergency, with targets to reduce our gas and electricity emissions to Net Zero by 2030, and all other carbon emissions by 2040.

These are some of the actions where we can make the biggest energy-saving reductions in your office or lab:

  • switch off all electronics (that you safely can) and lights when you leave a room or when it’s no longer needed.
  • layer up instead of turning the heating up.
  • don't waste it – only use what you need. Whether that's unplugging your devices when they've finished charging or setting equipment temperatures to only what you need.

Lab users can reduce their impact further in other areas by signing up to LEAF (Laboratory Efficiency Assessment Framework).

Save energy at home

For anyone interested in being a super energy saver, we've also shared key resources to help you save energy at home in the long term (download either of our checklists to see our list of recommendations).

Take part in the Christmas Switch Off

Submit your pledge here by Saturday 23rd December 2023 One lucky winner will bag themselves a £20 hospitality voucher and selection of climate action goodies