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Support for Refugees and Asylum Seekers

If you have refugee, asylum seeker, Humanitarian Protection (HP) or Discretionary/Limited Leave to Remain, we can provide support.

Applying to Bath as a Refugee or an Asylum Seeker

If you are a Refugee or Asylum Seeker, we will give you advice and guidance throughout the application process.

Thank you for your genuine kindness and ability to listen without judgement whether I was challenges or celebrating victories.
  • What are Refugee, Asylum Seeker, and other Immigration Statuses?
  • Process to apply for the Refugee Undergraduate Student Bursary
  • Government Funding and Tuition Fee Status
  • Money and Budgeting
  • Find out more from our students with Forced Migration Lived Experience
  • Additional Support and Funding


The University of Bath offers eligible undergraduate students a non-repayable bursary

  • Bursaries for Refugee undergraduate students
  • Granted to Leave Ukrainian Schemes
  • Government Funding
  • University Scholarships and Other Funding
  • Sanctuary Scholarships

Key Contacts and Support

Who can help and what is available

From free temporary summer storage to budgeting tools - we have the contacts that can support your university experience.

External Organisations and Charities

Further resources and support

  • Refugee and Asylum Seekers Support Organisations and Charities

Student Retention and Success

Contact us for more information