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The CBOS thinklist

The thinklist is a social media list of the most influential and interesting responsible business scholars.

The #thinklist is paused until Summer 2023. Given the current ownership of twitter, we're considering how best to proceed. But we will be back in some form.

The #thinklist is an ongoing project by Bath's Centre for Business, Organisations and Society, dedicated to highlighting the most influential and interesting responsible business scholars on social media.

Our goal is to rethink the role and responsibilities of business in creating a sustainable society. As part of this mission, we publish the #thinklist - a list of influential faculty thinkers on social media who focus on issues of responsible business. It was created in recognition of the value of discussions we have online, and in the hope of sharing insights with a wider community.

The #thinklist was initially compiled using an online platform that tracks an individual’s social media use to calculate a score corresponding to their online ‘power’. This data-based approach used a person’s follower count, retweets, replies and mentions to gauge their influence online. However, in 2020 we adopted a different approach that seeks to be less data-driven and more inclusive.

How it works

We usually publish around two thinklists a year. Each iteration of the list aims to amplify the voices of a different group or demographic - often these groups have historically been overlooked within academia, or are disadvantaged by the way the scholarly community operates.

We try to represent different subject areas, viewpoints and backgrounds, and as such recruit a group of curators to help us put each version of the list together. These curators generally have some expertise or insight into the group that is being highlighted.

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Our thinklists

The #thinklist is a living thing - it develops and changes over time. Each list is just a snapshot of the curators’ views at that point in the year. Recent lists include:

  • The #ThinklistImpact, which highlights academics who influence practice.
  • The #ThinklistNext21, the 2021 edition of the doctoral list, the next generation of responsible business thinkers on social media.
  • The #ThinklistAmplify, which amplifies the voices of racialised scholars.
  • The #Thinklist30, which draws attention to influential female scholars on social media.
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  • The Thinklist Impact was curated by Garima Sharma, Nicholas Poggioli, Zahira Jaser and Mette Morsing.
  • The Thinklist Next21 was curated by Verena Girschik, Kam Phung, Michael Rogerson and Tanusree Jain.
  • The Thinklist Amplify was curated by Deborah Brewis, Nolywé Delannon and Vivek Soundararajan.
  • The Thinklist 30 was curated by Andrew Crane, Sarah Glozer and Johanne Grosvold.
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#Thinklist blog posts

Read more about the thinking and processes behind different lists


The launch of every new thinklist is marked with a webinar, where a panel of thinklisters discuss their experience of sharing their work and ideas on social media. Watch a recording of 'Tackling Race and Racialisation on Social Media' here.