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The Esther Parkin Global Lounge

Find out about hiring the Esther Parkin Global Lounge and meeting room at the University of Bath.

The Global Lounge

The Esther Parkin Global Lounge, meeting room and kitchen are available to hire to support student welfare.

The Esther Parkin Global Lounge is situated on the ground floor of the Esther Parkin Residence complex and comprises of a social space, meeting room (up to 12 people), fully-equipped kitchen and toilet facilities.

Certain approved Student Clubs and Societies belonging to the Students' Union are welcome to hire the Esther Parkin Global Lounge, its meeting room and adjacent kitchen for free. Approval must first be sought from the relevant Student's Union representative who will then book it via the proper channels.

Staff at the University of Bath may hire the space for events, student welfare or support groups and activities through the Outlook 'Esther Parkin room bookings' calendar. Your booking will need to be approved before you are allowed to use the space.

If you would like to hire the space for a staff event or meeting, please be aware that a charge of £120 per day (£60 for half-day) will be applied as part of the booking.

The space is not available for bookings by individual students, or by student groups which are not SU recognised.

Booking rules

  • if your booking is approved, your Students' Union representative will book your timeslot via the Outlook Calendar. This will then need to be approved by the Secretary of the Esther Parkin Trust
  • access to the building and the Global Lounge will only be granted to your community / society lead & deputy when the booking has been fully accepted
  • as long as the space is available, booking regular weekly slots is acceptable for a maximum duration of one academic year at a time
  • due to fire regulations, the maximum number of people for any booking must not exceed 60.

Rules of use

  • when you arrive at the Esther Parkin Community Space, only your community / society leads & deputy will be able to access the space for you via their library cards
  • the last booking will need to finish by 10.00pm
  • only one group / society will be able to use the ground floor at any one time
  • if you arrive prior to the start of your booking, please be respectful of those who may be using the space whilst you wait

If you are using the space and others have already arrived for their booking, please ensure you:

  • leave on time
  • leave the space in the condition you found it
  • remember to label any perishable food you wish to leave in kitchen fridges (unlabelled perishable will be thrown away)
  • wash up / load the dishwasher if you have cooked or consumed food
  • keep the space well ventilated, where possible

Important: it is strictly prohibited for students to consume alcohol in the premises.

Remember that residents are living above the Global Lounge and keep noise to a minimum!

Please ensure you read the documentation relating to the hiring of the Global Lounge when you make a booking.

Contact us

If you have any questions about hiring the Global Lounge, please contact the Esther Parkin Secretary.

If you are seeking to book the Esther Parkin accommodation as a guest resident, please contact the Student Living team.