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Where you can study on campus and in the city

You can study independently in a number of places on campus or in the city centre, whether you're an undergraduate or postgraduate student.

Study Space booking service

Online tool to book study spaces in locations on campus and in the city.

Book your study space here to select the type of space you want to use and its location.

Bookable study spaces

Bookable study spaces in open-plan areas or individual study rooms for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Please remember that study spaces are for quiet study; do not disturb others.

The University offers a choice of Study Spaces to support different modes of study on campus and in the city. Most spaces are designed for quiet, individual study; many of which can be booked in advance.

Bookable multi-occupant rooms up to 6 people for group work and single occupancy rooms for individual activities such as interviews are also available.

It is both expected and recommended that you wear a face covering whilst moving around study spaces. You do not need to wear a mask when seated unless you are in an area where face coverings are a requirement.

Follow the links below to discover what is currently available, to book a study space and link to more information about locations.

Please remember that study spaces are for quiet study; do not disturb others.

Bookable Study Spaces

Non-bookable Study Spaces

Non-bookable ‘drop-in’ study spaces are also available in locations including:

  • Library Level 2 (entrance level),
  • Virgil Building informal study space in 1.06
  • 10W Level 5 (please note this area is for post-graduate use only).

Postgraduate Only space

Postgraduate only space is bookable in 10W and Library Study Room 5.07.

Using study spaces

When you arrive at a reserved study space, you need to confirm your arrival. Please refer to the booking email for details.

If you do not arrive within 15 minutes of the start of your booking time, the space will be released for someone else to book.

When using the spaces, you must:

  • clean the desk before and after you use it
  • vacate your space by the end of your booked time
  • not move any furniture from marked study spaces
  • please be aware that other people may be more comfortable keeping a social distance
  • wash or sanitise your hands regularly
  • follow any directional signage
  • keep windows open
  • not consume any food
  • make sure any drinks are in sealed bottles, flasks or reusable cups with lids
  • leave the space clean and tidy when you've finished
  • remember that study spaces are for quiet study; do not disturb others

Further University guidance on safety during the Covid-19 pandemic is available online.

Study Space Booking tutorial

A video guide for University of Bath students showing how to book a Study Space on or off campus.


If you have any feedback about places where you can study, please contact us via email.