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We asked some of our donors why they support Bath. Share your reasons with us using the hashtag!

  • “I've been in the same shoes – even a small sum can make a big difference for a student in need.”
  • “Wanting others to share the life-changing experience of going to uni, having worked my way up from a poor working-class background to an MBA at 45.”
  • “My time at Bath was the best of my life and I’ll always support the place that’s got me to where I am today!”
  • “I am fortunate to enjoy a comfortable standard of living due in part to the education I received at Bath. I am pleased to offer support to those who may not otherwise be able to benefit from the same opportunities.”
  • “My experience at Bath gave me an education that enabled me to achieve the career success I was looking for, as well as providing me with a circle of lifelong friends.”
  • “My life was shaped for the better by my experiences at Bath some 40 years ago, and I want to do my bit to give the same opportunity to others.”
  • “I have donated regularly since I graduated and received my first pay cheque in 1986 because my experience at Bath was truly life-changing.”
  • “I received a scholarship, which enabled me to attend UoB. Without that support, I would never have been able to attain a UK education.”
  • “Gratitude for the learning and life experiences the University provided for me in the 1970s and my youngest son in 2000s.”
  • “Our students are so capable and motivated that a good return on any investment in their future is guaranteed.”
  • “I had some very happy years in Bath which lead to a long and happy career. It's only right to share some of the happiness.”
  • “I personally believe that if you have been fortunate, you should build a longer table not a higher wall.”

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