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Working with the Faculty of Science

From consultancy to placements, there are many ways you and your organisation can benefit from the expertise in our teams.

Our Faculty’s world-leading research offers exciting opportunities for collaboration. We'd like to invite you to work with us, to work towards developing outstanding research projects and solving global problems.

We're a member of the GW4 University partnership, providing a regional grouping of research excellence. Working with Bath is a route into the pool of GW4 expertise.

Specialist facilities, labs and equipment

Working with us will give you access to our state of the art research facilities. They are available for testing and analysing research, with expert support from university staff.

  • Biotechnology Suite
    A multi-user facility providing protein expression and purification services to researchers across the University and beyond.

  • David Bullett Nanofabrication Facility
    We combine photo- and nano-lithography with etching and deposition for the fundamental studies of the electronic, magnetic and optical properties of materials.

  • Material and Chemical Characterisation Facility (MC²) Combining cutting-edge analytical equipment with extensive in-house expertise to provide a comprehensive chemical characterisation service. Available techniques include mass spectrometry, bio-imaging, nuclear magnetic resonance, electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction.

  • Milner Genomics Centre
    We provide genome sequencing and analysis for evolution research.

Material and Chemical Characterisation Facility

Click and drag to see the lab in the 360 viewer.

Placements and sponsorship

Work with our students to support the next generation of scientists.

A student on placement at National Air Traffic Service in Fareham


Placements are the biggest single way for organisations and businesses to get involved. They have obvious benefits for students, but they also bring new resource in to your business or organisation. They usually start in June, July or August and last up to 12 months.


There are many extremely talented undergraduate and postgraduate students who have every desire to study but are limited by a lack of funding for their fees and living expenses.

If you are able to assist these students by providing funding for them please contact Development & Alumni Relations.

Other ways to engage with students

As well as formal placements, we are always interested in hearing from professionals who would be willing to engage with students and their studies. Possibilities range from giving one off short lectures to running regular workshops. If you'd like to talk about the possibilities or arrange a visit, please get in touch with our Faculty Coordinator.

Expert advice

Our academics have wide ranging experience to help your business.

We can offer a range of services from paid research to consultancy. This could be to develop existing products or create new ones. Here are some specific suggestions of ways we could work with you:

  • technical and environmental assessment of alternative technologies
  • written reports and critical literature reviews
  • designing and constructing experimental apparatus
  • developing mathematical models and simulations
  • technical courses and workshops

If you have a specific research proposal in mind or just want to talk about the possibilities, please get in touch with our Faculty Coordinator.

To help with the costs, your project may be eligible for funding as a Knowledge Transfer Partnership.

Case studies

Recent examples of our successful research collaborations with industry.


"Raydiance has already garnered interest from commercial, academic and government customers as a result of the initial ‘beam delivery fibre’ demonstrations."
Dr Michael M. Mielke, Chief Scientist, Raydiance Inc.

"A good working relationship between scientists and clinicians is fundamental in helping the translation from scientific concept to bedside application."
Dr Amber Young, Consultant Paediatric Anaesthetist, South West UK Children’s Burn Centre

"As a result of both the inventions acquired from the University of Bath, and the subsequent development of the technologies, Vectura has become a high-value company recognised for innovation."
Anne Hyland, Chief Financial Officer, Vectura

Research projects

  • Simplifying the search for successful antibodies CiteAb, a new impartial citation-based search engine, is shaking up the $2 billion antibody industry.

  • Responsive antimicrobial burn dressing developed
    Our scientists have developed a medical dressing that 'lights up' when a burn is infected.

  • Lung patients benefit from new inhaler technology
    New PowderHale® technology developed by our researchers radically improves the delivery of potentially life-saving medication with dry inhalers.

  • Turning terpenes into sustainable chemical feedstocks
    Our research into terpenes could revolutionise the chemical industry by shifting manufacturing from crude oil to renewable resources.

  • Improving the forecasting of storms
    Working with the Met Office, our researchers have improved prediction and planning for extreme local weather.

  • Latest virtual reality technology makes opera even more magical
    The latest motion capture technology has been used to create an immersive virtual reality (VR) opera experience that is touring venues across England and Wales.

Motion capture

See how we've been working with Welsh National Opera on motion capture

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