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Your impact on our community

For many years generous donors have supported Bath students to overcome barriers to education.

This year, the challenges we faced were different to anything we’d seen before. As a result of coronavirus lockdown measures, many students faced immediate hardship due to a loss of part-time work or the cost of travelling home. Others found themselves tied into rental contracts when placements were terminated early, or needing to purchase computer equipment for remote study.

We launched a crowdfunding appeal to help these students through the impact of Covid-19 in April 2020, and the response was incredible. Together, 187 alumni and friends raised £45,838 for the University’s Student Hardship Fund. The appeal received £10,000 from the Alumni Fund and $7,368 in match-funding from the US-based University of Bath Foundation Ltd.

Alumna Holly Anzani from the Foundation Board says:

We are living in a time of unprecedented challenges. By giving to the Hardship Fund, we are providing support to deserving students, ensuring that they have access to the skills and knowledge they will need to navigate a rapidly changing global environment.

Supporting students through Covid-19

A helping hand for those affected.

Students walking along the Parade.

During the 2019-20 academic year, the Student Hardship Fund received 169 applications – 19% more than the previous year – with grants ranging from £55 up to £3,000. By increasing the amount available to students, your gifts made a real difference to those affected by the pandemic, offering a safety net at a time of tremendous global uncertainty. For some students, this meant the difference between deferring their studies and continuing their degree.

One recipient of the Hardship Fund explains:

My mother, my only parent, was sent on unpaid leave as of mid-March. As she provides me with my monthly budget, my financial situation became dire almost immediately. I tried finding a job, but the options were few due to the lockdown situation.

The grant helped me to survive and pay for my bills and food. My sincere thanks go out to the alumni who donated, without which I really don’t know what I’d have done.

The impact of the pandemic on our students persists, with the Hardship Fund facing a further increase in applications this academic year. We are continuing to work alongside the Student Services team to support as many students as possible.