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Choosing CBOS for your doctorate

Our PhD students explain why they chose Bath and talk about what it's like to be part of CBOS

Overview of Bath campus
Join us as a doctoral student at Bath

Choosing CBOS for your doctoral programme

The primary aim of our doctoral programme is to train and develop future academics. We have an active PhD community and our students play a full role in the Centre. We encourage and support conference attendance and publication.

We welcome applications for full-time and part-time study. Each year there are various University funding opportunities available. We also welcome applications from self-funded candidates.

All PhD students become members of the Doctoral College, which works to support and enrich the experience of our doctoral researchers.

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Choosing a research area

"I remember coming back from work in Nigeria, and noticing how littered the marketplace was with bottles and plastic bags. What struck me the most was that most of these “waste products” had recycling signs on their packages. This led me towards my PhD, and an initial focus on sustainable production and representation.

My final focus area is not yet clear cut, but it is a journey I am glad that I am undertaking. A question my supervisor asked me was, “If you wanted to change the world, what would you focus on?” That question has changed how I view and interpret academic research. I am truly excited about this journey: I am happy to be a part of this community, where there is freedom to exchange and refine ideas constantly." Oyinkansola Ige

Support and training

"The university provides immense support for postgraduates. Especially with the Doctoral College, there are many activities we can go to. There are extensive Postgraduate Skills Workshops available from the most theoretical aspects to very practical ones. There are workshops not just on academic aspects, but also non-academic issues such as building confidence and coping with stress.

In addition, PhD students in the School of Management must complete six compulsory modules in their first year, covering topics including philosophy, qualitative studies and quantitative methods. This sets a strong foundation for not just your PhD but for your entire career." Alisha Tuladhar

Why join a Research Centre?

"Being a part of CBOS has been a great experience so far. We are invited to all CBOS seminars and events, which really make us feel included and valued even though we are new to the centre. Every two weeks we have a reading group, each led by a different member of faculty, which is a great opportunity to discuss concepts that I have never previously studied. It’s such a friendly environment that despite being extremely shy, I feel able to share my opinion with the others.

We also have coffee together every week, which is a great opportunity to check in and see how everyone is doing. A PhD can be an isolating experience but our research centre is doing a lot to make sure that we connect and support each other. It’s great!" Amira Battle

‘I am happy to be a part of this community, where there is freedom to exchange and refine ideas constantly’
Oyinkansola Ige CBOS PhD student

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