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Developing my mathematical skills in the French Alps

MMath student, Chloe, talks about her year studying abroad in the French Alps.

I spent my study abroad placement in France, where I attended the University of Grenoble Alpes. My interest in the French culture, lifestyle and language was a huge factor in why I chose to apply. I also wanted to improve my French and achieve a level of fluency that would be an asset in the graduate job market.

Learning the language

The language level required for study abroad is B2, so I took a French language course at Bath to help me prepare. I would recommend this course as it improved my French speaking, comprehension and grammar skills. After my year in France, I achieved a C2 French level status, which is considered fluent. This has inspired me to keep exercising my French.

Finding my independence

Studying abroad has given me a large amount of independence. I gained the confidence to travel, use unfamiliar currency, speak the language and run errands in a foreign country. This has made me more self-sufficient, which is an important skill for my fourth year of uni.

Developing my skills

I developed my mathematical ability while I was in France. The University of Grenoble Alpes offers a unique variety of third year modules, including sports and language. Having access to these modules helped broaden my general understanding. They also allowed me to study specialised parts of mathematics that others in my academic year may not have.

Making friends for life

I met students from all over the world and made connections with people from a range of different backgrounds. I interacted with people with different languages and dialects every day. I lived alongside people with various ideas and values, which I found to be a very positive experience. I have made friends for life, and I'll always have a place to stay in their hometowns and countries.

Skiing, hiking and breathtaking views

The French Alps are breathtaking. I was surrounded by mountains on all sides, and the view from my student halls was beautiful. There were countless opportunities to ski and hike and plenty of interesting cities and villages to visit at the weekend. I could cross the border to Italy and Switzerland for short trips and was able to use Flixbus as an affordable way to travel around France.

An inexpensive option

Studying abroad in France is not an expensive option. The French government provides financial aid towards accommodation, which foreign students can access. Rent is a lot cheaper than in England and transport and other expenses are also subsidised. This is the same for a lot of other European countries.