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Innovation in Learning & Teaching Award Winner 2017

Dr Jessica Francombe-Webb was recognised for her innovative use of digital technology and promotion of public engagement activities for students.

The Innovation in Learning & Teaching Award is made in recognition of a significant contribution to innovation in curriculum design, content or delivery.

In 2017 the award was presented to Dr Jessica Francombe-Webb in the Department for Health.

Dr Francombe-Webb was recognised by the Committee as having demonstrated high levels of innovation in learning and teaching through the use of digital technology.

Since joining the University in 2011 Dr Francombe-Webb has demonstrated exceptional levels of pedagogical innovation in her teaching and made extraordinary contributions by way of her leadership across the University to enhance innovation in teaching and learning more widely. Specifically, these innovations have focused on the use of cutting edge digital technologies and, perhaps more uniquely, the promotion of public engagement activities for students to provide them with creative stimulating environments that connect them with a range of relevant publics.

Within her own teaching on the BA Sport and Social Science programme she has fostered creative and cutting edge environments. She has introduced a range of new learning tools to ensure that student learning is practical, creative and prepares them for the challenges of the 21st century, for example using technologies such as Lionoit and Padlet in her teaching to engage diverse learning styles.

Dr Francombe-Webb has demonstrated leadership and commitment to inspiring innovation more widely across the University. She is co-leader and co-founder of LITEbox, a University-wide initiative supported by the Alumni Fund enhancing innovation in teaching and learning through technology. Testament to Dr Francombe-Webb’s impact across the University is the uptake of LITEbox activities in the University’s new Learning Technology operational plan so that they are embedded and sustained within institutional processes. This initiative will also help prepare for the forthcoming new national Teaching Excellence Framework, which will measure institutional teaching quality through enhancement activities.

Dr Francombe-Webb is making a unique contribution to the University in terms of her innovative development of opportunities for students to undertake public engagement as part of their learning.


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