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John Willis Award Winner 2016

Dr Carl Sangan was recognised for his impact on research, teaching and learning, and his care and consideration towards his students.

The John Willis Award is made in recognition of accomplishment in research combined with a significant contribution to teaching including pastoral support for students.

In 2016 the award was presented to Dr Carl Sangan in the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Dr Sangan was selected by the Committee for his acknowledged commitment and contributions to teaching, research and the pastoral support of his students.

Although still an early career academic he has already had a significant impact on research, teaching and learning in his discipline.

Dr Sangan’s research profile in gas turbine engineering is outstanding including journal and conference papers (including Best Paper Prize by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers – ASME- in 2011), significant research grants (including his EPSRC First Grant Award that received maximum scores from all of the reviewers) and an international reputation in research excellence: ASME awarded him the Dilip Ballal Award for the most promising young engineer in turbomachinery.

His commitment to teaching and the pastoral support of his students is similarly exceptional as demonstrated by the outstanding testimonials from his students and that he has twice gained the highest teaching evaluation scores in his Department. Doctoral students praised the highly supportive approach their supervisor takes with them, and ascribed their own academic success in some substantial part to Dr Sangan’s commitment to their well-being.

With such an excellent reputation for his research and teaching, and the care and consideration towards his students, the Committee felt Dr Sangan was highly deserving of this award.


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