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Making the most of the support at Bath

Hadiyah Qureshi talks about the support available at Bath, her J.P. Morgan Winning Women in Technology Scholarship, and feeling part of the student community.

Hadiyah working on her laptop on campus.
'Being part of the Bath community means you know you always have someone to turn to when you need it.'

Hadiyah is a student on the BSc (hons) Mathematics course at Bath.

Applying to Bath

I chose to apply to Bath because I had visited the city as a tourist and I loved it. I liked the module choices available on the Maths course and I just really liked the vibe!

The process of applying to university was a little tricky for me as I’m the first generation in my family to go to university. My peers at school had their parents to help them with their personal statement but I had to do mine mainly by myself.

I did receive support from the Admissions team. In January of Year 13, I was invited to attend a Maths Offer-Holders Residential taking place in the February half-term. This was available for widening participation students. I learnt a lot from this residential and I had a much better feel for the University as I had only visited the city before. I attended a real first-year lecture and met current students.

Settling into campus and university life

For my first day on campus, I was very nervous as I didn’t know my way around, but other students were very helpful, plus I downloaded a campus map on my phone.

I met loads of freshers during my first few lectures and everyone was so welcoming and kind. I felt very nervous, but it was very easy to talk to people and make friends. I made lots of friends on my course while waiting outside lecture halls and one friend I met is my close friend now who I’m living with in second year.

Getting support

Hadiyah standing in front of the Student Services building on campus.
You can visit the Roper Centre to get advice and support from our Student Services team.

I definitely felt very homesick during the first few weeks, so I accessed a lot of support from the Wellbeing team. It’s very difficult moving to a new city, starting a new stage in your education, moving out for the first time, knowing nobody in the city, and doing all of these things at once is so stressful! It’s important to remember that everyone is feeling the same as you and that there is lots of support available for you.

The support at Bath has really helped me to feel less alone. I truly do feel like I have a support system here and if I’m worried about anything my department is my first port of call.

I would advise prospective students to carefully explore all of the support available and make the most of it. It’s important to keep your department in the loop if you’re struggling, academically or otherwise, as they will let you know how they can help you. There is no shame at all in asking for extra support, I think it makes you stronger.

My scholarship

I’m a J.P. Morgan Winning Women in Technology Scholar. I receive £3,000 per year of study and I have a paid year-long placement as a Software Engineer. So far, I have used the money for driving lessons and for my groceries and living expenses since my student loan just covers my rent.

My decision to go to university wasn’t dependant on receiving additional financial support, however, I did know that I would need to have a part-time job as well (which I do have, as a Campus Ambassador).

I was over the moon when I was awarded my scholarship, it really is an amazing scholarship. I am so excited for the placement; it will be an invaluable learning opportunity.

Becoming part of the community

Hadiyah standing outside the Department of Mathematical Sciences on campus.
Hadiyah made lots of friends on her course while waiting outside lecture halls.

Being part of the Bath community means you know you always have someone to turn to when you need it. I know that there are so many people that would help me find the support I need. When I was applying for the J.P. Morgan scholarship, I went to the Careers Service for advice on the assessment centre, as I’d never done an assessment centre before. They encouraged me to reach out to alumni and ask them for their advice, and the alumni were so encouraging and helpful.

Joining a society

I’m on the committee for the Women in Science society and I really like how it’s such a welcoming environment to have honest discussions about things that affect us women in science. Every month we hold discussions; last month we held one on confidence and imposter syndrome. I met my best friend through this society.

I know it can seem difficult to make friends if you don’t drink, but societies like these are great as most socials don’t revolve around drinking.

During my first semester, I felt like I belonged at Bath when I knew that if I could go back in time, I would make Bath my firm choice. I’m currently a peer mentor and this really makes me feel a part of the community as I’m helping out first-years just as I was helped by my peer mentor.