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Pre-sessional course at Bath: Jiayi Li

Jiayi Li (Jaye) from China shares her experience of the 10-week Pre-sessional course at Bath.

MSc Accounting and Finance student Jiayi Li (Jaye) from China
MSc Accounting and Finance student Jiayi Li (Jaye) from China

Why did you choose a Pre-sessional course at the University of Bath?

I have not studied how to produce an academic essay in English before, and I had to improve my English skills. The Pre-sessional course has many professional teachers to help me solve these problems, so I decided to join this course.

It also helped me to adapt to the English environment before taking my main class.

What was your favourite thing about the course? 

I think the course teachers and classmates were conscientious, and they brought me many ideas about learning. I liked the learning atmosphere.

What was the most important thing you learnt from the course?   

I think the most important thing I have learnt in the Pre-sessional course is academic language. In particular, I know how to produce an essay now, and am familiar with the academic methods I’ll need to complete my master's course.

I think it is a very good choice to join the Pre-sessional course.

How did you prepare for the final Pre-sessional assessment?

Practice with mock assessments on Moodle was very helpful. They helped me to be familiar with the final assessment. I got to know the form in each part and keep time appropriately. Once I got used to it, I was calmer for the final exam. 

How did the Pre-sessional prepare you for your main studies?

Firstly, I came here just after the Pre-sessional and I could adapt to the teaching speed and language quickly. If I hadn’t joined the Pre-sessional, I would be afraid to talk with other people in English.

The course not only gave us an area to talk with each other, but also introduced us to academic skills. I didn’t need to study academic skills so much after I joined my main course.

And last but not least, I learned some cultural knowledge and some information about Bath, so I have been able to adapt to the lifestyle quickly. 

‘I now know how to produce an essay and am familiar with the academic methods before my master's course.’
Jiayi Li (Jaye) MSc Accounting and Finance

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