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Statistics research

We research the development and application of methods to infer underlying structure from data.

Research in statistics at the University of Bath covers a wide range of aspects related to handling uncertainty and is currently funded by EPSRC, MRC, Innovate UK, GCRF and NIHR.

Members of the statistics group work at the interface of methodology and application. We focus on producing models and methods which can be directly applied beyond academic statistics, and we are working with several national and international companies and organisations.

The applications we consider are varied and include medicine, environmental science and finance. In addition to core statistical research, members of the group undertake collaborative work where this has a substantial innovative component, and we are always interested in establishing new industrial partnerships and interdisciplinary projects.

Areas of expertise

  • Computational Statistics: Bayesian nonparametrics, Markov chain Monte Carlo methods, Nonparametric regression.
  • High-dimensional Statistics: Graphical models, Network analysis, Time series analysis.
  • Medical Statistics: Clinical Trials, Missing Data, Survival Analysis.
  • Spatial and Environmental Statistics: Extreme value analysis, Spatial data analysis.
  • Statistical Learning: Changepoint detection, Classification, Clustering.

Prospective PhD Students

We are always looking for PhD students who share our passion for developing cutting-edge statistical methodology and for analysing exciting data sets. You can see currently advertised PhD projects on FindAPhD.

Students interested in doing a PhD in statistics can also apply to the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Statistical Applied Mathematics (SAMBa), which gives students the opportunity to develop and propose their own PhD research project during the first year.

Further information

To find out more about our research and areas of expertise, you can follow the profile links on the Statistics members page.

A day in the life with PhD students

Find out what an Integrative Think Tank is and see highlights from the most recent with our 'PhDay in the life' vlog, led by PhD SAMBa students.