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SAMIS Period Slot Dates for the 2022/23 Academic Session (for staff using Moodle)

This information is provided for staff who use Moodle. The periods below show the core dates during which staff can expect to see students enrolled (Start Date) and un-enrolled (End Date) from units in Moodle unless the SAMIS block has been implemented to prevent un-enrolment at the end of the specified period or to specify an alternative un-enrolment date. Note that students must be correctly registered onto the relevant unit(s) in SAMIS in order for them to be enrolled on the corresponding Moodle course(s). Further information on the way in which the SAMIS/Moodle integration works can be found on the wiki page Introduction to the SAMIS Integration or by emailing the TEL (Technology Enhanced Learning) team.

NB. The dates below will differ from the teaching dates for each period and should not be taken as any indication of when teaching will take place. Please view the Academic Year Charts and Timetables for specific teaching dates for Semesters 1 & 2 and Academic Year units. Information on units taught on a modular basis will be provided by the relevant Department/School.

Period Slot Code
Period Slot Name
Start Date
End Date
AY Academic Year (whole year)  03-Oct-22 01-Oct-23  
DIS Dissertation Period 05-Jun-23 01-Oct-23  
M01 Modular - August Start 01-Aug-22 31-Jul-23  
M02 Modular - September Start 01-Sep-22 31-Aug-23  
M03 Modular - October Start 01-Oct-22 30-Sep-23  
M04 Modular - November Start 01-Nov-22 31-Oct-23  
M05 Modular - December Start 01-Dec-22 30-Nov-23  
M06 Modular - January Start 01-Jan-23 31-Dec-23  
M07 Modular - February Start 01-Feb-23 31-Jan-24  
M08 Modular - March Start 01-Mar-23 29-Feb-24  
M09 Modular - April Start 01-Apr-23 31-Mar-24  
M10 Modular - May Start 01-May-23 30-Apr-24  
M11 Modular - June Start 01-Jun-23 31-May-24  
M12 Modular - July Start 01-Jul-23 30-Jun-24  
MOD Modular - Whole Year 01-Aug-22 31-Jul-23  
S1 Semester 1 03-Oct-22 05-Feb-23  
S2 Semester 2 06-Feb-23 24-Sep-23 The end date for this period has been extended to the end of September to ensure that students have access to Moodle until after the Supplementary Assessment period.
S3 Semester 3 05-Jun-23 01-Oct-23  
T3 Summer Term 17-Apr-23 02-Jun-23 For community courses only