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Programme & Unit Catalogues

Background to Programme & Unit Catalogues


Undergraduate programme and unit catalogues prepared for use across the University for the first time.

In 1997/98 most of the components (units) within programmes of study were offered in a modular framework for the first time. In addition, the academic year was divided into two semesters, in order to provide an appropriate period over which to offer each unit.

Details of postgraduate programmes and units added to the programme and unit catalogues for the first time.
New programme and unit codes introduced. Further details of these codes can be found in the programme coding structure and unit coding structure tables.
New structure introduced for the programme and unit catalogues. Each programme and unit is now displayed on an individual page.

The University introduced a new academic framework of assessment regulations which governs most undergraduate degree programmes for students commencing their studies from 2008/09 onwards. Changes are made to the structure of the undergraduate catalogues to accommodate these new regulations (see NFAAR: Information for students for further information)