About us

The Centre for Qualitative Research (CQR) is oriented toward three pillars of engagement with and for the key groups and users of qualitative research: Research, Training and Education, and Industry Collaboration and Consulting.


The Research area of the Centre focuses on providing support and connections for qualitative researchers within and across the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences and the School of Management at the University. The key research aim is to raise the profile of qualitative research and researchers within the University, nationally and internationally. Email cqr@bath.ac.uk if you wish to become involved in the centre.

Qualitative Research Symposium

The Qualitative Research Symposium (QRS) is an annual event for the CQR established in 2014.

Previous Symposium Themes

Training and Education

The central aim of the training and education pillar of the CQR is to develop a culture of qualitative research amongst post-graduate students, post-doctoral staff, and academic staff. To accomplish this, the Centre provides an array of training opportunities for staff and students internally and externally to the University of Bath.

The current training opportunities we offer are:

  • Postgraduate Qualitative Workshop Series (University of Bath students only).
  • Qualitative Research Symposium mentioned above.
  • Pre-symposium workshops (students and staff both internal and external to the University of Bath)
  • SWDTP Main Training Package and Demand Led Sessions.

Industry Collaboration and Consulting

The Industry Collaboration and Consulting strand liaises and works with local, national and international organisations to facilitate the connection to qualitative expertise across the University. Email cqr@bath.ac.uk if we can help facilitate qualitative research in your organisation.


The Centre for Qualitative Research is working with the South West Doctoral Training Partnership (SWDTP) to bring together academics from across the SWDTP institutions interested in qualitative research across disciplinary pathways, to collaboratively develop and deliver a programme of bespoke qualitative training for SWDTP doctoral researchers. The main training package focuses on the process of conducting qualitative research. We will hold stand-alone sessions, delivered on a bimonthly basis beginning in 2021, to provide a deeper and more theoretical exploration of qualitative methods.