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Qualitative Research Symposium

The Qualitative Research Symposium (QRS) is an annual one-day event run by the Centre for Qualitative Research.

Established in 2014, the symposium provides an interdisciplinary platform for researchers to discuss the latest methodological insights and innovations in qualitative research, normally attended by 150 participants. The QRS also features a diversity of workshops which focus on a range of issues related to qualitative research.

Qualitative Research Symposium 2022

The title of this year's Qualitative Research Symposium is Researcher Vulnerability.

Previous Symposium Themes

Themes from the previous Qualitative Research Symposium (QRS).

2021: due to COVID 19 the Qualitative Research Symposium was replaced with:

2020: Tick tock: Unpacking temporal aspects of qualitative inquiry.

2019: Myths, Methods and Messiness: Insights for Qualitative Research Analysis.

2018: Researcher Positionality Within Qualitative Inquiry.

2017: From the Established to the Novel: Possibilities of Qualitative Research.

  • The keynote lecture was delivered by Sarah Riley

2016: Two Faces of Qualitative Inquiry: Theoretical and Applied Approaches.

2015: Quality in Qualitative Research and Enduring Problematics.

Symposium publications

Published outputs from previous Qualitative Research Symposiums.

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