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Qualitative Research Symposium 2020

We're hosting the sixth annual Qualitative Research Symposium in January 2020. Submit your paper to be part of this event.

Symposium overview

This symposium is a forum for researchers to facilitate interdisciplinary discussion of common features, challenges, and changes in qualitative research.

The title of this years' symposium is Tick tock: Unpacking temporal aspects of qualitative inquiry.

We invite you to share with us how time is incorporated into your qualitative research.

Symposium themes

Conceptualisations and interpretations of time

This theme focuses on how time is used as a conceptual framework for research.

Questions that may be useful for consideration:

  • how is time conceptualised or interpreted within or imposed upon a project by its authors?
  • how is time used to frame a specific phenomenon under investigation?
  • what does a specific conceptual framing include or exclude?

Practical aspects of time

This theme focuses on how time is part of the methodological decisions that researchers make.

Questions that may be useful for consideration:

  • what are the implications of timing in data collection or analysis?
  • when is time up for gathering qualitative data?
  • how does longitudinal research impact qualitative understanding?
  • how is time related to quality, trustworthiness, and rigour?

Qualitative timelines

This theme considers time’s relevance for research participants, stakeholders, and researchers in qualitative research.

Questions that may be useful for consideration:

  • what is the journey of a qualitative project and the researcher?
  • how long does it take for qualitative researchers to develop?
  • how do we use our time to prepare, carry out, and disseminate qualitative research?
  • how does this vary within different methodologies (phenomenology, ethnography, narrative inquiry), orientations (constructionism, pragmatism, post-modern/structuralism), or disciplines?


The two-day symposium will take place on 28 and 29 January 2020 held at the University of Bath.


Tuesday 28 January 2020

Pre-Symposium workshops

View the workshop schedule for 28 January 2020.

You will need to register for the workshops.

Wednesday 29 January 2020

View the programme for Wednesday 29 January 2020

Keynote lecture

Professor Virginia Braun from the School of Psychology at the University of Auckland, New Zealand will deliver a keynote lecture at the symposium.

Plenary session

Delivered by the Waiting Times research project at Exeter University.

You will need to register for the symposium.

Contact us

Contact us if you have any queries about the event, abstract submission process, or suggestions for papers not directly addressed by the Symposium Themes.