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Department for Health Research Centres and Groups

Our wide-reaching research covers areas like public health, pain, sporting performance and injury prevention, nutrition and metabolism, and tobacco control.


Research Centres

Centre for 21st Century Public Health

Our research explores ground-breaking approaches to public health and sustainability to enable us to meet the unique challenges of the 21st century.

Centre for Health, and Injury & Illness Prevention in Sport (CHi2PS)

We deliver high quality research that has real-world impact on the safety and welfare of athletes across all levels of sport.

Centre for Motivation and Health Behaviour Change

We focus on the study and application of motivation. We aim to understand the determinants of wellness and health, and guide behaviour-change interventions.

Centre for Nutrition, Exercise and Metabolism

We seek to understand the impact of nutrition and exercise on human physiology and metabolism.

Centre for Pain Research

We explore pain with the overall aim of finding new ways forward.

Centre for Qualitative Research

We foster research, training and education, and industry collaborations through qualitative research.

Centre for Sport, Physical Activity and Health Equality (SPHERE)

Our interdisciplinary research aims to enhance equality and social inclusion within and through sport, and in physical activity and health settings.

Research Groups

Clinical Rehabilitation & Exercise Medicine (CREM) Research Group

Working across three inter-related multidisciplinary work streams, we systematically explore the biological, psychological and mechanical basis of exercise

Physical Culture, Sport and Health Research Group

We aims to contribute to critical and innovative insights across a range of contemporary issues and challenges in health, sport and physical cultural contexts.

Stress, Anxiety, Resilience, and Thriving (StART) Research Group

We explore stress, anxiety, resilience, thriving, and mental health in sport and other domains - like healthcare, the military, business and performing arts.

Tobacco Control Research Group

Our multidisciplinary, international research examines how companies influence health and policy; and evaluates and provides evidence for policy change.

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