International and EU students coming into the UK to study should have in place the necessary funding to cover their tuition fees and living costs for the duration of their studies. If you fall into financial hardship once you are in the UK it can be extremely difficult to secure additional funding after you have commenced your studies.

The organisations listed below are grouped into global regions, and may be able to provide funding to assist with the costs of studying in the UK. Please note that these funding options are discretionary and no guarantees can be given that you will be successful with any applications you make.

Please do not base your decision about coming to study in the UK on the assumption that you will receive financial assistance once you have started your course, but ensure that you have secured the required funding before you start you course. Student Money Advice have information about budgeting and what funding you will need to have in place in order to study successfully.

If you have any questions about these funding options please contact the relevant organisation as they will be administering any application you make. The University plays no part in this process. The University cannot be held responsible for the actions of an external organisation listed on these pages. All information is correct at time of research.

Funding for Middle-Eastern students

Said Foundation

  • students must be from the Middle-East
  • postgraduate students only
  • scholarships for students recognized for their leadership potential that will help their career development and bring benefits to their countries of origin
  • further details

Funding for Asian Students

The Bestway Foundation

  • students of Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi or Sri Lankan origin
  • for undergraduate and postgraduate students
  • financial assistance on a one-off or recurrent basis according to need
  • further details Can also contact by writing to:
    Bestway Limited
    2 Abbey Road
    Park Royal
    London, NW10 7BW
    Or web form

The Inlaks Foundation

  • Indian Citizens below the age of 30 who are resident in India at the time of application
  • postgraduate students only
  • scholarships to talented young students studying abroad
  • further details

Charles Wallace India Trust (also Pakistan, Burma & Bangladesh)

  • residents of India, Pakistan, Burma, or Bangladesh
  • postgraduate students only
  • grants of varying amounts, subject to individual trust criteria
  • further details

The China Scholarship Council

  • students from the Peoples Republic of China
  • check website below for further eligibility criteria
  • provides financial assistance to Chinese students to help with costs of studying abroad
  • further details

The Great Britain – China Educational Trust

  • students from Peoples Republic of China (PRC) and UK Citizens
  • postgraduate students only
  • grants to Chinese students (from the PRC inc. Hong Kong) studying for a PhD and British postgraduate students (i.e. UK citizens only) giving conference papers in China, or travelling to China to pursue essential doctoral research
  • further details

Henry Lester Trust

  • citizens of the Peoples Republic of China
  • postgraduate students only
  • for students studying in the subject areas of architecture (to include civic planning, construction management, etc), medicine, computer development, and mechanical sciences. Grants given on the basis that the applicant will be returning to China and the knowledge and skill obtained will be for the benefit of the people of China generally.
  • further details
    Information requests and applications in writing to:
    Mr Robert Guy
    The Barn House
    Lees Hill
    South Warnborough
    RG29 1RQ
    Can also contact by email

Student Financial Assistance Agency (Hong Kong)

  • students from Hong Kong
  • for undergraduate and postgraduate students
  • scholarships schemes for students to study in institutions overseas
  • further details

The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation

  • scholarships and maintenance allowances for Japanese and British students
  • for undergraduate and postgraduate students
  • a number of grants and scholarships covering a range of criteria
  • further details
    Can also contact by email or telephone 020 7486 4348.

Funding for African students

Mohamedali Karimjees Trust

  • African students studying in the UK
  • need to enquire for other eligibility criteria
  • financial assistance according to need
  • applications in writing and must include a stamped self-addressed envelope:
    Mrs E Gray
    Assistant Karimjee Jivanjee & Co UK
    21 Whitefriars Street
    EC4Y 8JJ
    Tel: 020 7583 3768

The Beit Trust

  • students from Malawi, Zambia or Zimbabwe
  • postgraduate students only
  • scholarships for postgraduate studies or research for graduates who are domiciled in Malawi, Zambia or Zimbabwe. Applicants must intend to return home after their studies
  • further details

The Canon Collins Education Trust for Southern Africa

  • students from the Southern African Region
  • postgraduate students only
  • scholarships for Southern African students. See website below for further details
  • further details

Funding for South American Students

South American applicants can seek assistance with fees and maintenance for research programmes from certain Government agencies within their own country. The agencies concerned include:


Av Constityentes No 1046
Col Lomas Atlas, CP 11950 Mexico DF
Conacyt website


9A No 133-28
PO Box 051580
Santafe de Bogota
Colciencias website


Apartado 70617
Los Ruices


Av W3 Norte Q511
Bloco A, Edificio Bittar II
70750 Brasilia DF
CNPq website


National Scholarship of the Chilean Government
Providencia 1017
AGCI website

South American applicants may also wish to browse through Programme Alban's website.

Funding for North American & Canadian Students

USA Federal Aid Loans

  • US citizens
  • for undergraduate and postgraduate students
  • to cover the cost of undergraduate, graduate and non-degree study
  • further details

Marshall Scholarship

  • US citizens who hold a first degree in the United States with a minimum GPA of 3.7. & do not hold a British degree or degree-equivalent qualification
  • postgraduate students only
  • to assist with University fees, cost of living expenses, annual book grant, thesis grant, research and daily travel grants, fares to and from the United States and, where applicable, a contribution towards the support of a dependent spouse
  • further details

US Fulbright Awards

  • US Citizens
  • postgraduate students only
  • aimed at students wishing to study in the UK in any subject and provide tuition and maintenance for the first year of study. Scholar Awards for academics & professionals to lecture, study and/ or conduct research in the UK
  • further details
    Can also contact by email or telephone 020 7498 4010

Canadian Centennial Scholarship Fund

  • Canadian citizens
  • postgraduate students only
  • for students who have already commenced their studies in the UK
  • further details

Funding for European Students

The Schilizzi Foundation

  • Greek nationals studying in the UK
  • primarily final year undergraduates or vocational training students. Postgraduates and Second year students in exceptional circumstances
  • for students who demonstrate real need for financial assistance. Help may be with books, tuition fees and living expenses
  • further details
    Enquiries through the Foundation Secretary in the first instance, can contact via email.

European Funding Guide

  • EU students
  • for undergraduate and postgraduate students
  • scholarships and grants information for students from the EU
  • further details

Other funding organisations

Churches Together in Britain & Ireland

  • for international students from developing countries who intend to return home after studies
  • for undergraduate and postgraduate students
  • awards are made to students developing countries, who intend to return home after their current course and who can show that their qualification will benefit such countries. Applications are only accepted from churches and related organisations on behalf of named students.
  • further details


  • scholarships and fellowships are available in 150 countries around the world
  • postgraduate students only
  • scholarships can be used to study most subjects; however in certain countries they may target a narrower range of subjects that are especially relevant to that country. See website below for further details
  • further details

African-Caribbean Scholarship

  • scholarship offers financial support to Home UK or Overseas students from Black or Mixed African or Caribbean backgrounds
  • undergraduate students only
  • you could receive up to £30,000 over the course of your undergraduate degree, as a contribution towards your living expenses and other costs of study. You’ll also be offered two paid summer internships with the Bank of England, as well as other skills training and support throughout your time at university. See website below for further details.
  • further details

The British Federation of Women Graduates

  • female students
  • postgraduate students only
  • academic awards are awarded on the basis of overall academic excellence
  • further details
    Can also contact by email

Funds for Women Graduates

  • female students
  • postgraduate students only
  • foundation grants and emergency grants. Both are for living costs only
  • further details
    Can also contact by email

Council for At-Risk Academics (CARA)

  • academics and scientists
  • helps academics in immediate danger, those forced into exile, and those who choose to remain in their home countries despite the serious risks they face.
  • further details

The Gilchrist Educational Trust

  • full-time students at a British university
  • for undergraduate and postgraduate students
  • students who are facing unexpected financial difficulties or who are required as part of their course, to spend a short period studying abroad.
  • further details
    Can also contact by email

The Anglo Jewish Association (AJA) UJS Student Welfare Fund

  • Jewish Students
  • see website for further eligibility criteria
  • provides financial assistance to Jewish students attending University in the UK
  • further details

Other useful information

The British Council Information for overseas students about studying in the UK and links to useful advice and information on funding.

UKCISA (UK Council for International Student Affairs) Information for overseas students studying in the UK.

Association of Charitable Funding Links to charitable bodies that may have funding available.