2022 winners

ITM / EBM (Steve Cayzer, Vaggelis Giannikas, Debbie Jason, Peter Mott, Sarah Peel) and the Advanced Programmes in Pharmaceutical Practice and Therapeutics (AP3T) team (Verity Ayles, Joanne Clarke, Clare Hughes, Sarah Jones, Jessica Lloyd, Dr Rosemary Marshall, Greg O’Kane, Sally-Ann Prater, Kerry Street, Emma Taylor, Terri Turner, Di Pullin, Liz Morris, Amanda Lester and Rachael Kennedy).

This year, two teams stood out as having made an exceptional contribution. Find out more about the winning teams.

Previous winners

  • 2021 winner: Directors of Studies Team in the Department of Computer Science: Dr John Benardis, Mr Zack Lyons, Dr Marina de Vos and Dr Bhagyashree Patil & Directors of Studies Team in the Department of Education: Dr Tristan Bunnell, Dr Reka Ratkaine Jablonkai, Dr Graham Nutbrown, Dr Nicola Savvides and Dr Adem Soruc

  • 2020 winner: Directors of Teaching & Directors of Studies Team in the Department of Chemistry: Dr Mary Mahon, Dr Claire McMullin, Prof Matthew Jones, Dr Gan Shermer

  • 2019 winner: Disability Advice Team, Student Services: Becky Collis, Susan Fielding, Barbara Furnival, Sam Hall, James Lock, Joel Staley

  • 2018 winner: School of Management Placements Team: Cathy Bickley, Katie Calvert-Jones, Rebecca Cooper, Naomi Farrington, Julie Fudala, Anna Gidney, Yvonne Groves, Claire Maggs, Michelle Pow, Marie Pullen, Karin Roberts, Matthew Rusling, Ben Smith, Ninon Talote, Emma Watson, Amy Westbrook, Clare Woolfe

  • 2017 winner: Faculty of Science Placements Team, Department of Mechanical Engineering): Louise Oliver, Esther Reeves, Helen Edwards, Gaynor Henry, Dawn Hallett, Sally Lewis, Kathryn Hood, Wai Wolfe and Sally Bessell

  • 2016 winner: Team Bath Racing, Department of Mechanical Engineering): Dr Geraint Owen and Dr Kevin Robinson

  • 2015 winner: Audio Visual Unit: Rob Hyde, Simon Hillier, Mark Wakefield, Ben Pickett, Chris Burton, Alan Harris, Michael Elder, Melvin Carrol, James Hambly, Ross Poole, Hilary Dibdin, Riccardo Carbone, Gary Rendle, Sacha Goodwin, Anthony Gallagher and Simon Wharf

  • 2014 winner: Technicians' Team, Department of Mechanical Engineering: Robert Pepler, Andrew Green, Paul Dix and Andrew Church