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Board of Studies (Doctoral) Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference and sub-committees

Terms Of Reference

Term of Reference

Approved by Senate 7th June 2017,

  1. To award degrees to and make decisions regarding progression of doctoral studentships on the recommendation of Boards of Examiners, under delegated powers from Senate, including:

  2. approval of named candidature forms on the recommendations of F/SDSCs

  3. approval of recommendations of Board of Examiners for progression to and confirmation of PhD registration.

  4. To monitor the progress of individual doctoral students including evidence of satisfactory and timely progress reviews.

  5. To approve suspension of studies, exceptional changes for student circumstances and individual schemes of study and assessment, under delegated powers from Senate.

  6. To approve restriction of access to these up to a maximum of three years.

  7. To conduct and oversee the outcomes of academic review and investigation of assessment offences for doctoral students.

  8. To approve rescission of an original award and grant of a new award as a result or either a student academic review or an administrative error identified after the conferment of the original award. This rescission may be authorised by the Chair on behalf of the Board under Board of Studies Standing Order 7 (f);

  9. To appoint internal and external examiners (except where the aggregate term of office exceeds four consecutive years) and independent chairs for doctoral Boards of Examiners under delegated powers from Senate.

  10. To approve appointment of postgraduate research students into teaching roles on the recommendation of the relevant Faculty/School.

  11. To approve the establishment, award and grant of institutional level prizes for doctoral students.


  • Board of Examiners for Doctoral Studies
  • progression Board of Examiners (in accordance with Ordinance 15 and Regulation 16.5)

The Board of Studies will also convene meetings (as required) for doctoral students of:

  • Review Sub-Committee (in accordance with Regulation 17, Conduct of Student Academic Reviews and Appeals)
  • Board of Inquiry (in accordance with QA53, Examination and Assessment Offences)


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