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University of Bath

Board of Studies (Doctoral)

We make decisions on the progression of doctoral studentships on the recommendation of Boards of Examiners.

We are responsible to Senate for organising academic matters for doctoral study. This includes selecting candidates and the confirmation, progression and examination of doctoral students.

You can read the full responsibilities of the committee in the terms of reference

Committee membership

Routine attendees

    Other University officers will attend meetings of the committee either on a routine basis or in respect of relevant items of the University business.

Committee meeting dates

    Committee date Paperwork deadline
    Wednesday 13th September 2023 Monday 4th September
    Wednesday 11th October 2023 Monday 2nd October
    Wednesday 15th November 2023 Monday 6th November
    Monday 4th December 2023 (12pm) Pass lists only Wednesday 29th November
    Wednesday 13th December 2023 Monday 4th December
    Wednesday 17th January 2024 Monday 8th January
    Wednesday 21st February 2024 Monday 12th February
    Wednesday 27th March 2024 Monday 18th March
    Wednesday 24th April 2024 Monday 15th April
    Wednesday 22nd May 2024 Monday 13th May
    Wednesday 26th June 2024 Monday 17th June
    Wednesday 24th July 2024 Monday 15th July