The Medal rewards outstanding service to the University by individuals who have made a valuable contribution to its life and work that is not directly academic in nature. It is open to any individual who has supported the University and promoted its strategies and development in a significant and dedicated way.

The award is made by the Chancellor at the University's summer awards ceremonies.

Criteria and eligibility

To be eligible for the award of the Medal, an individual must have given outstanding service to the University, usually over a long period of time. The Medal will not normally be awarded to employees of the University for whom mechanisms already exist for recognising their service.


Nominations will be considered by the Honorary Degrees Committee, which will make a recommendation to Senate.

Please let the secretary of the Honorary Degrees Committee have nominations. Proposals should include details of the individual's involvement with the University and indicate over what period of time this association has taken place.

The nomination should be marked STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL and returned to Laura Andrews (Secretary to the Honorary Degrees Committee).

Past recipients

Past recipients of the award are:

  • Mr W B Stead
  • Dr R W Holder
  • Sir Basil Blackwell
  • Mrs M Wheadon
  • Sir Donal Maitland
  • the Venerable John Burgess
  • Mr D Embleton
  • the Hon Mrs Sara Morrison
  • Cllr Mrs Marian McNeir
  • Mr Jeremy Thring
  • Mr Andrew Fraser
  • Mr Keith Woodley
  • Mr David Medlock
  • Mrs Ruth Foreman