Terms of reference

  • to recommend to Senate for approval persons worthy of the conferment of an honorary degree and the appropriate degree for each such person.
  • To appoint Orators for recipients of honorary degrees.
  • To recommend to Council and Senate the waiving of Ordinance 14.12 if necessary when appointing Orators for recipients of honorary degrees.
  • To recommend to Senate the criteria for honorary degree nominations.
  • To recommend to Senate the annual award of the Chancellor's Medal.
  • To determine the procedures for submission and consideration of honorary degree nominations and subsequent award of honorary degrees.

Procedural Rules

Appointment of Chair

The Vice-Chancellor takes the Chair.


Membership consists of the Vice-Chancellor, two members of Council who are not members of Senate elected by Council and four members elected by Senate and hold academic posts at the University, of whom two shall be members of Senate.


See Council Standing Orders 16(iv) and 16(v).


See Council Standing Orders 17(iii) to (iv)


There shall be a quorum at meetings of one-third of the membership. See Council Standing Order 16(vi).

Rules of voting

There are no specified rules for voting.


Minutes are submitted to Senate.


The Chancellor's Medal

Version information

Owner: Honorary Degrees Committee
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Approval Date: June 2006
Approved By: Senate and Council
Date of last review: June 2006