Terms of reference

  • To consider nominations for the annual Chancellor’s Prize and to award the winner.
  • To recommend to Senate the criteria for prize nominations.
  • To apply the prize criteria fairly and consistently, addressing unconscious bias and ensuring that decisions and consistent with equality, diversity and inclusion considerations.
  • To approve revoking prizes to individuals where situations may arise post-award.
  • To make an annual report to Senate on the Committee’s activity.
  • To conduct an annual effectiveness review.


Chair: Vice-Chancellor or a nominee
Other members: Four members of academic staff to represent different academic disciplines, nominated by the Vice-Chancellor. One of these members may act as Chair to the Committee (see above). The President of the Students’ Union.
Attendance: An equality, diversity and inclusion representative, when available
Secretary: Secretary to the Chancellor’s Prize Committee (Governance Team)

Procedural rules

In the absence of any specific rules, the procedure is as set out in the Standing Orders of Senate
Quorum: One-third of membership, three voting members
Co-option: See Senate Standing Orders 16(ii) and (iii)
Alternates: See Senate Standing Orders 17(iii) and (iv)
Rules for voting: There are no specified rules for voting
Frequency of meetings: One meeting per year
Minutes: Submitted to members and decisions are reported to Senate

Version information

Owner: Chancellor’s Prize Committee
Version number: 2
Approval Date: 8 June 2022
Approved By: Senate
Date of last review: 8 June 2022


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