Terms of reference

  • The nominated student should have demonstrated academic excellence, together with a contribution to the life, academic reputation and general work of the University. The committee will bear in mind the availability of other awards (academic prizes, sporting, musical and artistic awards/prizes and for service to the community).

  • Up to two references supporting academic and non-academic achievements will be accepted and considered by the Chancellor's Prize Committee in the selection process. An academic reference should be provided by a departmental member of staff. A second reference is welcomed from either within the University or outside of the University (for example a placement provider).

Procedures Rules

Appointment of Chair

The Chair of the Committee is the Vice-Chancellor or a nominee.


Membership shall consist of three Professors to represent different academic disciplines, nominated by the Vice-Chancellor. The President of the Students' Union is also invited to attend the Committee.


See Senate Standing Orders 16(ii) and (iii).


See Senate Standing Orders 17(iii) and (iv).

Rules for Voting

There are no specified rules for voting.


Minutes are submitted to members and decisions are reported to Senate.

Version information

Owner: Chancellor's Prize Committee
Version number:
Approval Date: 11 November 1992
Approved By: Senate
Date of last review: 11 November 1992


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