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Committee of Office of Chancellor terms of reference

The terms of reference for the Committee of Office of Chancellor, including its procedural rules.


Terms of reference

In accordance with Section 3.1 of the Statutes, the successors to the first Chancellor shall be appointed by the Court, subject to the provisions of the Ordinances, of the recommendation of a Joint Committee consisting of three members of the Council and three members of the Senate together with the Vice-Chancellor who shall be Chair.

Procedural Rules

Appointment of Chair

The Vice-Chancellor shall take the Chair.


See Council Standing Orders 16(iv) and 16(v).


See Council Standing Orders 17(ii) to (iv).


There shall be a quorum at meetings of one-third of the membership. See Council Standing Order 16(vi).

Rules for voting

There are no specified rules for voting.


Minutes are submitted to Court.

Version information

Owner: Committee of Office of Chancellor
Version number:
Approval Date: 1966
Approved By: Privy Council
Date of last review: 1966


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