There is no formal expectation on departments to have a Director of Teaching, although this role is present in many departments.

In broad terms, the profile of the role of Directors of Teaching is such that they concentrate on the strategic development of learning and teaching within the department. Often responsibilities in relation to teaching and staff resources may also be added by the individual department.

Where Directors of Teaching are appointed, the University does not presuppose a (line) management relationship between Directors of Studies and Directors of Teaching.

Whilst local differences occur, common areas of responsibility include:

  • regular review of departmental teaching, learning and assessment policies
  • chairing of the departmental LTQC and related committees and meetings
  • reviewing annual NSS and online unit evaluation outcomes, setting action plans and steering relevant enhancements to teaching and organisational practices
  • development of the teaching quality of staff and postgraduate students

If responsibility for teaching resources and staff are included, common areas of responsibility may include (on behalf of the Head of Department):

  • workload allocation for teaching
  • timetabling for the department
  • line management of teaching fellows
  • management of postgraduate teaching assistants
  • resource allocation for teaching purposes