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Faculties and School Accreditation Sub-Committee terms of reference

The terms of reference, including notes, for the Faculties' and School's Accreditation Sub-Committees.


The Accreditation Sub-Committee will be responsible to the Board of Studies for:

  • developing and approving specific assessment criteria and/or producing guidance on the expected content, currency and standard of portfolio evidence to verify that the applicant has achieved the specific learning outcomes of a specified unit or units
  • developing and maintaining guidance specific to particular programmes of study to ensure that details of local arrangements are transparent and readily available to applicants
  • undertaking rigorous and balanced academic scrutiny of each applicant’s portfolio of evidence, judged against the requirements of the programme, and for approving the level and nature of credits that should be awarded
  • considering any request requiring an exemption from the normally permitted maximum, for recommendation to the Board of Studies for approval



An Accreditation Sub-Committee will be convened by the Chair of the Board of Studies as required. It will be chaired by an Associate Dean of the Faculty/School and will consist of at least three members of suitably qualified academic staff within and external to the subject areas of the applicants.


At the discretion of the Chair of the Board of Studies or Sub-Committee.

Rules for Voting



Submitted to the Faculty/School Board of Studies.

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