These fees are for the 2020/21 academic year only. Tuition fees are liable to increase annually for all University of Bath students.

Once you have started your studies, you should budget for an increase of up to 5% each year for every further year of study; we will not increase your fees each year by more than this percentage and the amount will be set out on our fee page in December for the following academic year. If you defer your entry, you will pay the fees for the year that you start your course and these may be more than 5% higher than the previous year.

Department of Biology & Biochemistry

Full-time Home/EU Overseas
MSc Molecular Biosciences (Bioinformatics) £9,500 £23,100
MSc Molecular Biosciences (Biotechnology) £9,500 £23,100
MSc Molecular Biosciences (Medical Biosciences) £9,500 £23,100
MSc Molecular Biosciences (Microbiology) £9,500 £23,100

Department of Computer Science

Full-time Home/EU Placement fee Overseas Placement fee
MSc Computer Science £9,500 £20,500
MSc Data Science £9,500 £23,100
MSc Data Science with placement £9,500 £1,900 £23,100 £6,030
MSc Data Science and Statistics £9,500 £23,100
MSc Data Science and Statistics with placement £9,500 £1,900 £23,100 £6,030
MSc Human Computer Interaction £9,500 £23,900
MSc Human Computer Interaction with placement £9,500 £1,900 £23,900 £6,030
MSc Machine Learning and Autonomous Systems £9,500 £23,100
MSc Machine Learning and Autonomous Systems with placement £9,500 £1,900 £23,100 £6,030
MSc Software Systems £9,500 £23,100
MSc Software Systems with placement £9,500 £1,900 £23,100 £6,030

Department of Mathematical Sciences

Full-time Home/EU Overseas
MSc Modern Applications of Mathematics £9,500 £19,400

Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology

Full-time Home/EU Overseas
MSc Drug Discovery £9,500 £23,100

Distance learning taught course

Advanced Programmes in Pharmaceutical Practice and Therapeutics (AP3T)

Fees for these courses will be confirmed in spring 2020. See last year’s fees.

These courses were developed for NHS pharmacists and are not open to students based overseas.

Please see the Pharmacy prospectus pages for more information about the schemes of study available in these programmes and contact if you have any queries.

Discounted fees for staff and Bath alumni

If you are a University of Bath graduate or employee, you may be eligible for discounted postgraduate tuition fees.

Fees for the previous academic year

See the fees for the 2019/20 academic year.