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Faculty/School Doctoral Studies Committee Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference, Procedural Rules and Resources

Terms Of Reference

Terms of Reference

Revised by Senate 7th June 2017

  1. To ensure that the institutional quality assurance framework and academic standards for doctoral study are effectively implemented across all areas of the Faculty/School, making regular reports to the University Doctoral Studies Committee (UDSC) and Faculty/School Boards of Studies and instigating remedial action as necessary.

  2. To be responsible (in liaison with the Faculty/School Board of Studies) for the implementation of the university's academic strategy for doctoral study at faculty/school level.

  3. To develop and implement local action plans (taking due account of student feedback and surveys) to enhance the experience of doctoral students and the doctoral research environment in the Faculty/School including:

    • dissemination of good practice throughout the Faculty/School
    • local induction arrangements
    • specific skills and development opportunities relevant to the field of research
    • integration with Faculty/School/Departmental research community and external communities relevant to the field of research
    • provision of local facilities appropriate to programmes of research and in accordance with defined institutional minimum levels.
  4. To advise UDSC on the recruitment of doctoral students in the Faculty/School including opportunities for new provision, marketing strategies and scholarship strategy.

  5. Upon referral, to provide specialist advice to the Board of Studies (Doctoral) in respect of the progression of specific students registered on doctoral degrees within the Faculty/School.

  6. To recommend named candidature forms (including the supervisory team) for approval by the Board of Studies (Doctoral).


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