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Full time Undergraduate Funding Guide - English Students

Quick guide for 2023/24. Figures are correct at the time of printing but may be subject to change due to Government policy changes.


Apply every year for your student funding

Tuition Fee and Maintenance Support

Home UK tuition fees are £9,250 per year. During a work placement year the tuition fees are capped at 20% of the full fee, and for a study abroad period the tuition fees are capped at 15%. If you are an EU national starting in September 2023 your fee status may be Home or Overseas, depending on your circumstances. Contact:

Home UK Tuition Fee Loan to cover full tuition fee – available for each year of study and payable directly to the University.

Household Income Assessed Household Contribution (optional) Maintenance Loan (Away from London) Total
£25,000 or less £0 £9,978 £9,978
£30,000 £0 £9,265 £9,265
£40,000 £0 £7,839 £7,839
£42,875 £0 £7,429 £7,429
£45,000 £304 £7,125 £7,429
£50,000 £1,017 £6,412 £7,429
£55,000 £1,730 £5,699 £7,429
£60,000 £2,443 £4,986 £7,429
£62,343 + £2,778 £4,651 £7,429

Home UK Maintenance Loan - a contribution towards living costs. Payable to the student.

Please Note Students who qualify for Welfare Benefits can receive up to £11,374 Maintenance Loan, and students aged 60 or over can receive up to £4,22. This is likely to be students who are lone parents or students with disabilities.

Disabled Students Allowance DSA

The undergraduate DSA allowance is simplified into one allowance for 2023/24 of up to £26,291. Support is based on need and not on household income. Find out more on Government DSA.

Extra Grant Support for Students with Children/Dependents (non-repayable)

Childcare Grant will pay up to 85% of childcare costs to a max £188.90 per week for one child, max £323.85 per week two or more children.

Parents’ Learning Allowance up to £1,915 per year.

Adult Dependants’ Grant up to £3,354 per year. Contact Student Finance for more information about funding your studies.

University Funding

Find more information about University Bursaries & Scholarships.

Student Loan Repayments

(Correct at the time of publication, may be subject to future changes)

Repayments for 23/24 Starters begin from the April after graduation. Instalments are deducted from your pay at a rate of 9% of any earnings over £25,000. For example, a salary of £30,000 would have a deduction of £37.50 a month regardless of the overall amount borrowed.

Total loan debt is the combined total of all your tuition fee and/or maintenance loans for the duration of your studies.

Student Loan interest rates (23/24 starters): are at Retail Price Index (RPI)

No repayment due whenever your earnings are under £25,000 per year.

No early repayment penalty if you want to pay off your loans early/or in larger instalments.

Any loan amount not repaid after 40 years is written off.

Loan debt is not counted as “debt” for mortgage applications, but monthly repayments are viewed as outgoings.

Undergraduate Student Expenditure Budget (Sample): 38 weeks

Each student’s spending will be personal to them. This can be based on accommodation choice, either staying in their accommodation during Easter and Christmas vacations or returning home. Incurring course costs or how much they choose to spend on food and social activities.

Expenditure (based on typical academic year of 9 months or 38 weeks) Cost Per Week (£) Cost Per Year (£)
University Non-Catered Accommodation (ranges from £78-£250 per week) Average cost £153 p/w. Inclusive of bills 153 5,814
Food, Toiletries, etc. 65 2,470
Travel 25 950
Course Costs 9 342
Leisure/Social/Sport 25 950
Mobile Phone 5 190
Health 5 190
Clothes 10 380
Laptop 809
TOTAL COST £297 £12,095

Please note catered halls are available. Course costs will differ depending on subject taken.

Blank Budget

Download your template budget to help your planning for 2023-24.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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