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Governance Framework Review Project Board

The Project Board provides support and direction for the project.


Terms of Reference

Roles and responsibilities

The purpose of the Project Board is to provide direction, guidance and timely support to the project. Its responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring that the project meets its objectives so that benefits can be realised.
  • Advising on project priorities and approving major project outputs.
  • Providing two-way communication with Council, Senate, the University Executive Board, Court and colleagues across the University.
  • Receiving and consider updates on progress against budget, quality time, risks and issues.
  • Agreeing the project plan, signing-off completion of each stage, approving any major deviations from the agreed plan (using Change Control) and agreeing project closure.
  • Owning risks and resolving issues escalated by the project team.
  • Supporting and guiding the Project Manager.


Pamela Chesters, Chair of Council and Project Sponsor

Professor Ian White, Vice-Chancellor and Executive Lead

Andrew Browning, Interim Head of Governance and Project Lead

Richard Brooks, Director of HR and Project Lead

Vacancy, Governance Manager

Professor Dot Griffiths, Council member

Dr Fran Laughton, Senate member

Other individuals may be invited to attend specific meetings as needed.


The Board will meet at the end of each stage of the project and agree the plan for the next stage. The Board will manage the project by exception and meet only at other times where key decisions are needed to progress.


The Project Manager will produce monthly Project Update Reports for the project board and other interested parties. The project board will report at each major stage gate and by exception to Senate and Council. It will consult UEB at each of these major stage gates.

Meeting notes and actions

Decisions and actions from each meeting will be recorded and circulated to all members. The action log will be reviewed at each meeting. Full meeting notes will be recorded and circulated to all members.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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