Last year's winner: 2019

Dr Javier Gonzalez, Department for Health

Dr Gonzalez was selected by the Committee for this Award for having shown both an enthusiasm for his subject and a high level of commitment to engaging, supporting and inspiring his students.

Read our case study to find out more about Dr Gonzalez' teaching and research activities.

Previous winners

  • 2018: Dr Kate Fraser, Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • 2017: Dr Richard Burke, Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • 2016: Dr Carl Sangan, Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • 2015: Dr Lorenzo Caggiano, Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology
  • 2014: Dr Peter Mosley, Department of Physics
  • 2013: Dr Simon Lewis, Department of Chemistry
  • 2012: Dr Jason Hart, Department of Social & Policy Sciences
  • 2011: Dr Marcelle McManus, Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • 2010: Dr Jun Zang, Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering
  • 2009: Dr Sabina Gheduzzi, Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • 2008: Dr Andrew Heath, Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering
  • 2007: Dr Eric Anderson, Department of Education
  • 2006: Dr Nigel Wilding, Department of Physics
  • 2005: Dr Rajani Naidoo, School of Management
  • 2004: Dr James Dowden, Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology, and Dr Joanna Phoenix, Department of Social & Policy Sciences
  • 2003: Dr C Bowen, Department of Engineering & Applied Science
  • 2002: Dr Steve McGuire, School of Management
  • 2001: Bernard Grimm, Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • 2000: Dr Stephan Wolff, Department of European Studies & Modern Languages
  • 1999: Dr Marion Demossier, Department of European Studies & Modern Languages
  • 1998: Dr Gary Lock, Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • 1997: Dr Simon Crampin, Department of Physics
  • 1996: Dr Merrilee Hurn, Department of Mathematical Sciences
  • 1995: Dr Mark Chaplain, Department of Mathematical Sciences