2020 winner

Dr Tahiru Liedong, School of Management

Dr Liedong is held in particularly high regard by his students, who value his enthusiasm and encouragement, and his commitment to make learning a collaborative experience.

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Previous winners

  • 2019: Dr John Troyer and Dr Oliver Walton, Department of Social and Policy Studies
  • 2018: Dr James Betts, Department for Health
  • 2017: Dr Richard Joiner, Department of Psychology
  • 2016: Dr Ian Walker, Department of Psychology
  • 2015: Dr Matthew Jones, Department of Chemistry and Dr Julie Letchford, Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology
  • 2014: Dr John Chew, Department of Chemical Engineering and Dr Christine Edmead, Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology
  • 2013: Dr Christopher Clarke, Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering, and Dr Aydin Nassehi, Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • 2012: Dr Mary Mahon, Department of Chemistry
  • 2011: Dr Alastair Brandon-Jones, School of Management
  • 2010: Martin Gledhill, Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering
  • 2009: Dr Gary Mathlin, Department of Physics
  • 2008: Professor Tim Ibell, Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering, and Alex Wright, Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering
  • 2007: Dr Adrian Wolstenholme, Department of Biology & Biochemistry
  • 2006: Dr Andrew Rees, Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • 2005: Dr Mickey Howard, School of Management
  • 2004: Dr Gary Lock, Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • 2003: Dr Kieran Molloy, Department of Chemistry, and Dr Semali Perera, Department of Chemical Engineering
  • 2002: Dr Momna Hejmadi, Department of Biology & Biochemistry
  • 2001: Dr Tim Mays, Department of Chemical Engineering, and Professor Michael Danson, Department of Biology & Biochemistry
  • 2000: John Martin, Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering
  • 1999: Howard White, Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering
  • 1998: Dr Dennis Edwards, Department of Chemistry, and Dr Claire Willis, Department of Mathematical Sciences
  • 1997: Dr Steve Wharton, Department of European Studies & Modern Languages
  • 1996: Dr Victor Humphreys, Department of Physics
  • 1995: Professor Jane Millar, Department of Social Sciences
  • 1994: Dr Jos Darling, Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • 1993: Donald Wilson, Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering