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Our 2022/23 alumni donors: 1960s

We would like to express gratitude to all our donors who have supported us during the 2022/23 financial year.


Ms Nerys Griffiths
Two Anonymous Donors
Mr Terry Bleakman
Mr Michael Breward
Mr Andrew Burchill
Mr David Mico
Dr John Murdoch
Dr Ray Ward
Four Anonymous Donors
Mr Graham Butler
Mr Richard Flatman
Mr Michael Gregory
Mr Kenneth Harrison
Mr Geoff Leech
Mrs Frances Lester
Dr Vyv Turner & Mrs Beryl Turner
Dr Rob Anstee
Mr James Ball
Mr John Burgess
Mr John Curnow
Mrs Mary James
Mr Derek Keefe
Mrs Carolyn Okell-Jones
Mr Peter Rosewarn
Dr Michael Ross
Mr Ray Villis
Two Anonymous Donors
Dr Norman Biddington
Mr Michael Buxton
Mr Christopher Collier
Mr David Fletcher
Mr Brian Nichols
Mr Leslie Perrett & Mrs Mary Perrett
Mr Ernie Warner
Two Anonymous Donors
Mr Frank Ahearn
Mr Les Baker
Mrs Janet Jenkins
Dr Keith Melford
Mrs Rosemary Milward
Mrs Patricia Phillips
Dr Graham Riley
Dr Ken Symes
Mr Mike Yardley *

Deceased *


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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