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Responsibilities of the Council Effectiveness Review Steering Group

The responsibilities and remit of the Council Effectiveness Review Steering Group, and how the Steering Group engages with the University community.


Responsibilities of the Steering Group

The Council Effectiveness Review Steering Group has been set up by the University Council to:

  • consider the recommendations of the Halpin Review of Council Effectiveness and related governance issues
  • review representations from the University community
  • investigate practices at other institutions, and consider options and practical implications
  • make recommendations to Council for actions to be taken
  • oversee the implementation of actions agreed by Council and report back to Council on any concerns arising

Progress of the Steering Group

The first meeting of this group was held on 5 July and it discussed the remit and working arrangements for the group. The Steering Group is not a decision-making body but will report back on its discussions and recommendations to Council.

Council, as the University’s governing body, will make the final decisions.

Read details of the Steering Group's recommendations.

Topics for future discussion by the Steering Group

Recommendations scheduled for discussion at the next Steering Group in June are:

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Annual Council strategy day

Engaging with the University Community

Feedback about one or more of the recommendations in the Halpin Review can be emailed to: Please mention the number of the recommendation in the Halpin report which your feedback relates to.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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