Being nominated for an award is a huge achievement, this year we received 109 nominations for the Staff Recognition Awards, enabling the University to recognise the hard work and commitment that continues to be delivered across campus from our professional services and support staff. Everyone nominated has received a personal letter of congratulations and this year we invited all those awarded, either as a winner or highly commended, to a celebratory reception and awards ceremony, hosted by the Vice-Chancellor who presented the awards and signed certificates.

Thank you to all the staff and students who took the time to nominate for this year’s awards. Over 400 people from the University community engaged in the awards process; as a nominee, a nominator or a supporter of a nomination. Many nominations provided an exceptional level of detail showing how much their hard work is valued, and highlighting the level of excellence carried out by our professional services and support staff.

We are also very grateful to the Select Committee for giving their time, experience and expertise in selecting this year’s winners: Sue Wonnacott (Chair), Peter Eley, Professor Chris Brace, Marianne Harkins and Rockhill Focho.

Staff Recognition Award for 'Overall Team' and Supporting Colleagues (team)

Demonstrating great work, delivering exceptional support and contribution, which not only affected individuals directly, but teams and fundamentally allowed the University to continue running as well as possible over the last few years.

  • Westwood Nursery Team
    • Alison Herrick, Amanda Sladden, Amanda Vick, Annabelle Flores, Beatriz Martinez Lopez, Beverley Allen, Carly Rugg, Caroline Radford, Elisa Rauco, Emma Lovegrove, Fay Iles, Jacqueline Somayire, Janice Bindon, Jessica Ferguson, Jessica Pigott, Lesley Allen Marian Burgess, Matilda Ethemi, Miki O’Grady, Nabeeha Dodson, Pauline Young, Penny Suchley, Sara Recio Recio, Sarah Ellis, Sarah Southam, Sarah Walker, Sophie Lynn, Tara Cook

Their dedication to providing a joyful childcare experience for more than 40 children of University staff, has allowed us to give our best to the University in the confidence that our children are well cared for in a supportive and nurturing environment. The initiative taken by the carers, including operating in bubbles and flexibility to keep the Nursery open despite staff shortages demonstrates their ongoing commitment. They encourage broad cultural awareness, incorporating a wide range of secular and religious events from many cultures in the design of educational activities. The team worked hard over a short period to secure a new food supplier providing healthy and nutritious meals for the children in line with University sustainability criteria and have hosted events for parents including: Sports Day, Easter Egg Hunt, charity bake sales. The Parents’ events serve to bring together University staff who would otherwise never meet, forming useful work relationships as a result.

The Nursery isn’t just somewhere we leave our children while we do our day’s work; it is a joyous and inclusive environment, a vital resource for parents at the University. They demonstrate a vital contribution to the University, showing that excellence in education can be provided at every level, not simply adult learners.

Staff Recognition Award for Supporting Colleagues


  • Dave Wood, Technical Supervisor, Mechanical Engineering

Dave has not not only succeeded in achieving the skill and commitment required for his role, but has gone above and beyond in developing his role and the support he gives to his colleagues and the wider university. His genuine, friendly and helpful attitude and generosity is given to visitors and students, as well as to colleagues. The term 'nothing is too much problem' is certainly something he excels in.

Highly Commended

  • Alison Borgelin, Department Coordinator, SPS/HSS
  • Emma Nair, Pre-Award Development Officer, RIS
  • Mark Arnold, Mechanical supervisor, Estates
  • Rachel Willis, Research Manager, Department of Social and Policy Sciences
  • Academic Registry Timetabling Team 2021/22
    • Caroline Turrell, Emma Brewer, Gail Brown, Rachel Harvey, Thea Piper, Victoria Ross

Staff Recognition Award for Manager / Leader of the Year


  • Lizzie Hope-Dyer, Head of Pre-Award, Research & Innovation Services (RIS)

A truly inspirational leader who has shaped a trusting, supportive, and collaborative team environment enabling the provision of an outstanding professional service.’ They approach everything with cheerful enthusiasm and professionalism, is a great role model for and exemplifies the term “Leader”

  • Mandy Wilson Garner, Deputy Chief Executive, Students' Union

Has continued supporting staff in a variety of ways including and with the student experience returning to campus, student expectations were higher than normal and Mandy has always been a calm voice of reason during these intense moments, making sure that staff felt confident and proud of the work they were doing. Mandy is seen as the backbone of the SU staff team and plays a vital role in bringing staff into the Students' Union family.

Highly Commended

  • Andrew Ross, Head of Widening Access & Participation, Undergraduate Admissions & Outreach
  • Dr Susie Douglas, SAMBa, Department of Mathematics, Department of Mathematics
  • Kate Awdry, Outreach Manager (Programmes), Undergraduate Admissions & Outreach
  • Louise McCollum, Deputy Head of UG Admissions, Undergraduate Admissions & Outreach

Staff Recognition Award for Environment and Sustainability Ambassador/s


  • Emily Richards, Business Engagement Manager, Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

Has been absolutely pivotal in our Climate Action work, gaining formal Carbon Literacy accreditation and has since been delivering this to staff and students across the University. Champions the Vertically Integrated Projects (VIPs) and led the One Young World partnership, both key for delivering climate impact, and initiated and led a TDF funded project on measuring the impact of the VIPs

  • Institute for Policy Research (team award), Amy Thompson and Sophie O'Brien

They have played integral roles in the organisation and delivery of Climate Exp0: The official academic conference held in advance of COP26, to raise the profile of key strategic themes and issues, ensured Bath colleagues contributed to the COP26 official policy briefs. They were the Bath project lead and Strategic Comms for the ActNowFilm: a collaborative youth voices film produced by students, Cambridge Zero and IPR and presented a live screening and hosted a panel at many high profile networks and industry events including; COP15, Green Zone of COP 26 and UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network

Highly Commended

  • Suzanne Snook, Community Coordinator, The SU

Staff Recognition Award for Enhancing the Student Experience


  • Gareth Eyles, Supervisory Accommodation Security Officer

The primary reason for this nomination is the outstanding operational work Gareth undertakes to support students in crisis. He and his team, along with the generic Security team respond to emergencies on a daily basis, many involving students going through a Mental Health crisis. Gareth leads a team of Accommodation Security Officers who operate 24/7 to support students that reside in University and private accommodation. In addition he is an approved First Aid trainer providing training across departments, to ensure staff are adequately equipped.

  • Alison Bevan, Student Experience Officer, School of Management

Ali embodies what it is to be a student experience officer. She regularly checks on us over email, arranges various events, is willing to help no matter how big or small the issue is, and is always there for you if you just need to have a chat. She is consistently being praised for her hard work and dedication to the student body. She goes above and beyond on a daily basis and has worked to support the welfare of the additional cohorts of students with a reduced team.

  • Centre for Sustainable and Circular Technologies (team award) - Amanda Crowe, Anna Numphud, Francesca Guiso Gallisai, Aida Dr Heras

Organised and co-ordinated the intake of an increased number of students and co-ordinated the global chair meetings with huge success, getting industry and academic attendance. The team have also worked to enable the students to be creative and innovative with public engagement, facilitating activities such as: Teaming up with volunteers from Swindon Junior Street Reps to release three films on what they wanted to see in Swindon and the UK to tackle global warming during COP26 – one to tackle sustainable transport and behavioural change around travel, one to discuss reducing food waste, and one to explore the problems and possibilities of plastics, and running a competition for school children during lockdown asking them to come up with plans for future of transport.

Highly Commended

  • Oli Schofield, Doctoral Engagement Manager Training Officer (Secondment), Doctoral College
  • Siobain Hone, Student Enterprise Manager, RIS
  • Library Engagement Team
    • Cadence Ware, Clare Bannister, David Stacey, Eve Miles, Hilary Cooksley, Megyn Hulett, Peter Bradley, Sophie Thiele
  • Security Services Team
    • Aaron West, Alan Olpin, Ann Daniels, Brian Howell, Charlotte Daniels, Christopher Canning, Christopher Ettle, Damon King, Danielle Amor, David Jones, Gareth Eyles, Gary Evans, Geoffrey Gregor, Giovanni Santarpino, Hari Sabic, James Norval, James Paradise, James Peart, John Cook, Jude Sheppard, Keith McCarthy-Phillips, Kevin Kite, Kevin Wilkes, Lesley Allen, Lindsay MacLennan, Luke Hughes, Martin Hosegood, Martin Zurian, Matthew England, Mike Porter, Naomi Burton, Neil Topping Nick Place, Nigel Curnock, Pascale Souchon, Paul Cosgrove, Philip Jenkinson, Richard Brown, Richard Dyer, Ricky Stonham, Robert Prior, Robin Eames, Sean Moore, Serena Joyce, Shaun Teale, Stephen Wilkinson, Steve Hurst, Stuart Brailey, Thompson Bayagbon, Tony MacFarlane

Also, congratulations to all those nominated:

  • Abigail Lyons
  • Alice Rebbeck
  • Alison Jones
  • Anna Gidney
  • Andrea Kelly
  • Brent Kiernan
  • Caroline Chapman
  • Cheryl Herbert
  • Callie Edwards
  • Catherine Knocks
  • Claire Martin
  • Dee Mahil
  • Dr Dace Rozenberga
  • Elizabeth Morris
  • Emma Phillips
  • David Stacey
  • Emma Cockle
  • Felipe Pinedo Vergara
  • Fran Smith
  • Gail Brown
  • Gemma Noyce
  • Helen Cunnold
  • Jacob Turner-Dore
  • James Jeffery
  • James Cooke
  • Justin Hodds
  • Kay Elliott
  • Krisztina Perecsenyi
  • Kate Campbell
  • Laura Stubbs
  • Lily Rumsey
  • Liz Simmons
  • Maria Harffy
  • Michelle Pow
  • Matthew Smith
  • Michael Dalton
  • Mr Dan Clifford
  • Paul Milk
  • Rachael Kennedy
  • Rhian Griggs
  • Simone Osborn
  • Susan Paddock
  • Zoe Graham


  • Curriculum Development Team & Lucy Allen
    • Robert Eaton, Jo Hatt, Abby Osborne, Briony Frost, Liz Beaven, Kate Mattacks, Lucy Allen
  • Dartmouth Avenue Support Team
    • Joseph Dyke, Giovanni Santarpino, Egor Naumov, Miguel Reyes Roque, Ruben Martinez Garcia
  • EPSRC New Horizons Team Award
    • Alison Ryan, Ana Amelia Alvarez Serra, Anna Powell
  • Estates Compliance Team
    • Doug Stanley, Nicki Rendell, Darren Pennington, Dan Keen
  • Estates Outside Team
    • Kerry May, Pawel Predki, Piotr Grosman
  • Faculty of Engineering & Design Department Team
    • Ann Linfield, Amy Phillips, Anouchka Stevens, Alison Parker, Sarah Turner, Julia Mitchell, Carole Torrie, Emma Davies, Dilys Davison-Acton, Charlotte Wilkes
  • Performance support team
    • Gemma Prior Reeves, Clare Pell, Heather Foster, Katy Williams, Martin Burrows, Jack Selby, Michael Dean, Claire Allison, Ricky Massiah, George Studd, Kieran Smith, Luke Wilkinson, James Lambdon, Jonathan Robinson
  • Post Award Team, RIS
    • Jane Heywood, Sarah Lewis, Andrea Braid, Claire Pitt, Konika Quayum, Paul Tarrant, Jack Robson
  • Projects and Facilities Management Team
    • Melanie Torrance, Jenny Armstrong
  • The Gold Scholarship team
    • Liz Simmons, Rachel Garman, Jane Catchpole
  • The Recruitment Team
    • Catherine Fellowes, Claire Coombes, Charlotte Harris, Jessica Skinner
  • The Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Team
    • Marie Salter, Yvonne Moore, James Pearce, Lisa McIver, Rachel Applegate, Tom Brunsdon, Dan Green, Joshua Lim, Paul Pinkney, Muhammad Ali, Clare Baxter, Lynn Cheong-White, Eliana Catalina Cortes Paez, Nigel Goldsmith, Sophie Griffith
  • 1 South NMR Team, MC2
    • Dr John Lowe, Dr Catherine Lyall