Our widening participation activities are for students who are currently under-represented in higher education.

Post-16 students (Years 12 and 13)

Post-16 students taking part in some of our programmes, including On Track to Bath and the Summer Schools, must meet specific academic criteria. Some activities have subject-specific requirements.

Students must also meet one or more of our widening participation criteria. These are:

  • the student lives in a ‘Low Participation’ Neighbourhood (LPN) as defined by home postcode
  • their parents work in a non-managerial, non-professional, non-technical occupations
  • neither parent has attended university in the UK or abroad
  • they are, or have been, a looked-after young person
  • the student has a disability or specific learning difficulty, such as dyslexia
  • the student has experienced difficult family or individual circumstances that have affected their performance in exams or the likelihood of their going to university

You can check if your students' homes are in a 'Low Participation' Neighbourhood (POLAR3 Quintile 1 or 2) by typing their home postcode into this postcode checker. A student lives in a 'Low Participation' Neighbourhood if the 'POLAR3 Young Participation Quintile' is 1 or 2. Here is more information about 'Low Participation' Neighbourhoods.

Pre-16 students (up to Year 11)

Pre-16 students are eligible to take part in our activities if they meet one or more of the above criteria or one of the following:

  • they are on the Pupil Premium register
  • they receive free school meals

Email widening-participation@bath.ac.uk for more information.