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Widening participation criteria for students

Information about the contextual measures used to prioritise students for widening participation activities.


Having a diverse student population is important to us and we aim to support students from under-represented backgrounds to achieve their potential and develop their knowledge through our outreach programmes and activities. Depending on the type of activity, we require different criteria to be met. We do this to ensure that we are only requesting information that can be easily obtained.

Individual applicants to programmes

(Post-16 - Years 12 and 13)

To ensure we are supporting the students in most need we have set criteria that students should meet to be accepted onto certain programmes. To be eligible as a student:

  • you were eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) between ages 11 and 16.
  • your home postcode is in an area of high socio-economic disadvantage. Postcode is in bottom two-fifths of areas when ranked by Index of Multiple Deprivation (quintiles 1-2 or deciles 1-4) and IF you attended an independent or international school, this was for no more than two academic years in your last four years of school or college.
  • you are a care leaver
  • you are a young carer
  • you are a refugee, asylum seeker or have been granted humanitarian protection
  • you are irreconcilably estranged from your parents or guardians

Find out more about what these different criteria mean

If you are unsure if a student meets the criteria after checking the above links then please email us.

We know that the context in which students are studying can have an impact on the grades they achieve and on the availability of other experiences, like extra-curricular activities or work experience so we also take this context into consideration as part of the admissions process for undergraduate study at the University of Bath. Our contextual admissions page details how we use this information.

School Groups

Post 16 - Years 12 and 13

Post-16 students are eligible to take part in our activities if they meet one or more of the above criteria or one of the following:

  • they receive a means-tested bursary
  • they were on the Pupil Premium register or received free school meals during Key Stage 4

Email for more information.

Pre-16 students - up to Year 11

Pre-16 students are eligible to take part in our activities if they meet one or more of the above criteria or one of the following:

  • they are on the Pupil Premium register
  • they receive free school meals

Email for more information.

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If you have any questions, please contact us.

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